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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Do you ever get the feeling that some people you have met and talked with online thinks “more” of you than what you really are?

Sometimes I feel that and it actually embarrasses me… sometimes even scares me!

It is not that I am pretending who I am when I am online nor am I projecting my best self to the other but online talks do not really give you the real picture of who one really is. No matter how honest you are online I guess it can never give the complete picture of another. Oftentimes there are no pressures when you talk with people online… no pressures like the ones you experience with people physically around you… so you don’t get to focus on their negative side. The good is magnified!

I said it scares me… yes it does scare me at times…

But at the same time sometimes it also uplifts me… it puts a smile on my face…

Sometimes I feel so burdened with things that’s happening around me and I get to talk with neat people online and I feel better… and somehow I wish that I do the same with them too!

Okay, I’ve also realized that there are people online that do pretend too. That’s another thing… They may have different reasons for pretending. It is really hard to judge. They could uplift you too but could also hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. Such things happen too. You can think badly of them for hurting you but that will just be magnifying their faults, right? You don’t really know them. I guess the best thing is just to ignore them and forget them…

It is good to magnify the good… and look past the negative things… but it is best to maintain a clear focus on things that are important… to you… to the people around you… the people you meet… the people whose lives you touch.


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