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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lifted High

I got home early last night at around 6:30 pm and there were some spaghetti left so I ate and told them that I would rest first and would wake up when it is time to pray the rosary. I slept in the sofa and they actually did not wake me but I heard them when they were going to start and prayed with them and slept some more. It must have been around 11:30 when I woke up and my niece told me that I slept a long time. I washed myself and headed for my room.

I could not fall asleep since I already slept a lot so I was just there lying in my bed and I prayed some more. It was not actually a prayer full of words but silent praying. Then I felt myself rising. I was being lifted high! It was like someone was below my wooden bed (it is a narra bed with a four inches mattress) and was pushing my mattress up with me in it. I asked myself what was happening. Am I asleep and dreaming? It happened a couple of times and I could feel myself moving up and down. My mattress with my head and upper body was moving higher than the lower portion and I wanted to check what was going on below but the mattress was wide and I could not take a peak. Then I was flat on the bed again and I was wondering if I would once again go up… still wondering what I should do? Should I panic and think that there is a ghost in my room? Am I just dreaming? I told myself I am not dreaming since I still feel the pain in my head which is usually the last thing that I remember before I finally get my sleep. Should I get out of bed and go down to my mom’s room? Everything suddenly made me tired. I was not afraid but I did not know what to do so I decided to just wait… the bed did not move anymore. After a while I fell asleep…

Then it was already morning. I remembered what happened last night. I ask myself once more? Did I dream everything? Ahhh… maybe I did. It is weird, it is the first time I ever experienced it. It is not something that I want to experience again. If I am once again going to be lifted up… could it be straight to heaven already? Ahhh just a thought but a better thought than last night.


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