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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jones Bridge re-lighted!

After I came from Binondo Church during lunch mass, I saw a poster in Plaza Lorenzo that says that Jones Bridge was lighted by Mayor Lim yesterday (http://www.manilacityph.com/gallery.htm).

Boy, was I excited! I have not been able to have my Tuesday night walks in that direction for a long time since the bridge was really dark... it meant that I could have my walks again!

I was looking forward to Tuesday. However, I wasn't feeling well the whole day today and I decided that I couldn't wait for Tuesday anymore. A good long walk would probably help me feel better and I left the office at 7:00 pm (6:00 pm would still be not totally dark) and started walking. I was doing a brisk walk from my office up to about 20 meters from the bridge and then I started to slow down... there it was the bridge, all lighted. There were definitely more lights than before. Can you see the light posts in the 2 sides and the center lane of the bridge from the picture? I thought it was too much but better lighted than no light. However, aside from the new white lamp posts they also relighted the big round pink lights on the sides which is about my waist level.

I started to walk slowly. There were so many lights but funny, it wasn't that bright. The yellow lights they had at the middle lane before was brighter. The best part in walking on that bridge was seeing the reflection of the lights on the bridge on the other side (Sta Cruz bridge), unfortunately they have not lighted that part. It was very dark on the other side and I sure missed the reflection of the pink and blue lights on the the base of the river. I guess lighting that bridge would be their next project and I will be looking forward to it. What I missed more is also seeing the post office all lighted up... it has lost so much of its business with the advent of text messaging and the internet that it could not sustain lighting the building even on holidays... good thing I still have its memory and I could still recall its beauty as i walk slowly on the bridge.

It felt good walking that I decided to walk till the City Hall... even past it since I headed to Shoemart mall and had a good hot meal at Pho Hoa. The walk sure made me hungry! :)


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