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Monday, February 18, 2008

Still Standing!

I took a bus going to work today. It was full and standing but the bus stopped on stop (they don’t normally do it when they are full) and I gladly rode it. Midway through my trip, a man 3 seats away from where I was standing motioned to me to take his seat since he was already getting off. There was a lady standing near his seat so I pointed to her and told him that the seat should be given to her and did not move anymore from where I was standing. Then when he stood, another man took his seat. This man heard me tell him about the girl but still he seated.

I smiled.

These things have been happening too often that I feel that it is not something to fret about anymore. I don’t even have to reason in my brain thinking of his justification. Just accept things and maybe just smile or sigh about them.

The event made think of a story I heard though…

A young man noted an old man standing on the bus and so stood up to offer his seat. He wasn’t really expecting a thanks but he was surprised when the old man upon seating down complained and said that people have no manners and don’t even know how to respect elders.

The young man answered him saying “Sir, why are you mad? Didn’t I give my place to you?”

And the old man retorted “Indeed you did!” Then added “But look at my wife! She is still standing!”


Anyway, here is a neat video I found on Yahoo on a couple celebrating their 83rd wedding anniversary. Certainly something to smile about :)

Cool huh?


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