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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fast and Feast

Today is ash Wednesday, the first day of lent, a fasting and abstinence day for Christians. Tonight is also the eve of the Chinese New Year, full of festivities for the Chinese community in our country. Ongpin Street which is beside Binondo Church where I attended my Ash Wednesday mass has been full of activities the past days, especially today. There are so many people buying tikoy (gelatinous rice cake), fruits not just to eat but to put in your doors to ward of bad luck, charms and even gelatins in fruit shaped plastics arranged as fruit bowl.

A day of fasting and then feasting…

Two contrasting things...

Yet I found this posted in the church’s bulletin board, very appropriate for the season…

Fast from criticism, and feast on praise.
Fast from self-pity, and feast on joy.
Fast from ill-temper, and feast on peace.
Fast from resentment, and feast on contentment.
Fast from jealousy, and feast on love.
Fast from prize, and feast on humility.
Fast from selfishness, and feast on service.
Fast from fear, and feast on faith.

This fasting and feasting is good for the spirit!


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