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Friday, December 07, 2007

A taste of what's to come...

I was on my way to the office when I noticed bicycles along the construction of bicycle lanes in our highway. It is still a long long (long... long... long) way before the highway including the bicycle lanes are completed but seeing that bicycle passing there made me smile. It was a taste of what’s to come which is something really nice.

For a long while now I am having difficulty commuting (hehehe actually commuting is always difficult for me but more so nowadays) since they are widening our highway. They are adding 5 more lanes to our existing 4 lanes (the other side is already 8 lanes) plus they will put a wide sidewalk, drainage and a bicycle lane). The road going to my home has been closed for quite a while already and is going to be steep so that they are putting rift rafts (before fixing the road) but it is taking a while and some people just placed pedestrian steps and light at night (so you see where you’re going). You think they are just there to help? I forgot to mention that these are enterprising people that did it and they put a collection can so you have to drop something every time you pass… We have a term for those “Kotong!” This definitely irritates me and sometimes I would prefer to get down on a further street so I have a longer walk home. Walking shouldn’t bother me but that road is definitely not a good road also…

So everyday for the past couple of months I see construction on the highway. There is a mountain of dirt. On rainy days there are mud and on sunny days dust. It is definitely NOT the best site to see but the thought that after it is finished the highway will be great that you’ll have the opportunity to walk on the wide sidewalks on cool evening weathers is something to really look forward to… and seeing that bicycle on an unfinished stretch excited me. Someday (and hopefully soon) things will be great! Ahhh am certainly looking forward to that day! :)


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