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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pride et al

The past days have really been busy for me working on a presentation for our prayer community. It was going to be an echo presentation of a nationwide conference earlier this year. ECHO simply means that what was shown on the national level would also be presented to on a lower level (in this instance, on sector level) so that those who were not able to attend the conference will also get to share the same experience. It will not be the whole thing since the conference was for 3 days and our ECHO event was only for a day.

Anyway, our chapter was assigned the 7 capital sins wherein there would be a presentation of the sins on screen and shadow actors to perform the sins. We were shown what happened during the convention and our cluster head said that we have to prepare the presentation but we could also use the video that was used in the convention.

Our community is a poor community and I thought that a presentation in Tagalog with a setting applicable to our main audience would be more appropriate. I was confident we could make one since I knew my sister-in-law was good with Powerpoint and Photoshop Adobe. She also had a digicam so that we could easily take shots and make appropriate slide presentation. I felt that I could also make an appropriate script for the dialogue.

I have already informed the actors of their part and some were really excited. One who was not supposed to be on screen but a “shadow performer” wanted to be on screen. Good thing one backed out so that we had the right number of actors. Actually they really would not be acting but just projecting themselves since only still shots will be taken and a Powerpoint presentation made. I reported our progress to our cluster head when she told me that I have to call our overall coordinator and I did.

I think the coordinator was surprised to learn that we will make our own presentation. The presentation was already near and she has not seen what we have done so she was skeptical that it might be appropriate for the ECHO. They worked hard to develop the presentation in the first place.

It would have been easier if we just used their slide and abandon what we have been working on since it was not complete anyway. But I know that some of the actors would be disappointed not to have it pushed through knowing their excitement of the project so I told her that I’ll send her our script and a sample of what we were doing and if it is acceptable that we will push through with it otherwise we use their presentation.

I sent her the script and a sample of the shots for LUST, which was pretty nice I think. She said we were on the right track so we went ahead.

Another actor backed out at the last minute and I had to take her part which was PRIDE. Geez, there I was telling them how to project but was having difficult time projecting but we finally had suitable shots and we were able to complete the shots and record the voices. I once again presented the PPS file to the coordinator and I could sense her reluctance since she mentioned how hard they developed it and commented on GLUTTONY, she said the presentation is not acceptable and I have to change it. So I did and sent her an adjusted script and asked my brother to take shots that go with the adjusted script and he did. I got email later in the day that the adjusted script was still not acceptable and have to include the text she wanted. I felt bad at that time since the actor was already complaining. I couldn’t understand why she would not accept our presentation. It went with the guidelines she gave me. I felt it was her pride that was getting in the way…

It was only after I cooled down that I realized that it was also pride that caused my initial reaction. I felt what we did was good so I thought her out of line. When I cooled down, I told myself I have no right judging her reaction, so I read her revision again and thought that maybe it made more sense since she knew the whole event while I only knew a part of it.

So after all the hard work, the difficulties, the late night and the panic (yup, panic since at 11:00 pm before the event she called me and said the voice of lust was too soft and noisy that it would be unacceptable and I had to make another and send her before 12 midnight so she can include it. Geez, the voice of LUST! Me???? I went down to my brother and sis-in-law’s room and asked them to help me out. No way my sis-in-law would record so I did. After so many trials I made something and surprisingly the coordinator said it was good!) we had a presentation. And when it was shown yesterday in our conference, they liked it.

Well I knew it was good. Maybe pride was getting the better of me again? I guess not. I could be full of different emotions but I know that I could also be very objective. It was a good work. I could not really take the credit since my sis-in-law did the technical stuff plus the coordinator was able to convert it to video but I’m glad that we did it and that people liked it….

Ahhhh now to catch up with other things…


Blogger MamaBoK said...

I'm glad that all your hard work didn't go to waste..and all went well.. :) i really admire your determination.. and your willingness to look at things with different perspective. A Merry Christmas to you and yours..!

2:48 PM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

There are times that I find myself close on my thought and not easily considering the others point of view... i have to step back and cool down and set aside what i feel to really see things through and such has helped me a lot.

Advance Merry Christmas to you and yours as well MamaBok!

12:44 AM  

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