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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Beth day!

I wanted so much to post yesterday but was too tired that I fell asleep again in the couch right after having dinner with the family so I'm only making my post today...

December 19 was my birthday and was also our office Christmas party. We had a long celebration! No work for the whole day and instead we had to go directly to a bar in Quezon City (that’s far from our office in Manila but definitely nearer my home) at 11:30 am for party till 6:00 pm. There were games and performances and dancing of course.

Since it was my birthday I went to church in the morning before preparing myself for the party. I had to make sure I go to church, after all it was no ordinary day but my day! The party went pretty well, there was a glass were you put your name so they could pick you up as participant for the game. I did not drop my name since I did not want to be called. I just wanted to watch the whole proceeding. But as it turned out, at a later time, they called some officers on the stage to hold Santa socks for a particular game. So there I was on stage with other officers when they said it was my birthday, and everybody greeted me and asked for a speech. Yikes! What can I say, I wanted my day to be low profile but there it was broadcasted for the whole company. Anyway, I thanked them of course and also jokingly said that I thank the company for footing my blowout, that everybody should enjoy my blowout…hehehe. What can I say? If I start talking sometimes I can't help my wackiness from getting in! :) And on hindsight it was great that they greeted me because the Big boss gave me ang pao (a red token envelop with cash... now, wasn't that cool???)

There were lots of games and for most it was a battle between the 26th floor personnel with those from the 25th floor. The management decided that instead of raffling off money as prizes for the attendees that there will be games wherein the prize will be shared by all the floor attendees. There were 5 games, I think and we were losing in most (the prizes were there going to be shared by the people from the 25th floor). We were running short of time so they decided to cut the games and one game was no longer played and its prize money added to the main game. I was part of the main game. I did not want to join but they say that if you were called and you refuse, you forfeit your share in the winning if the floor won. So I joined!

The game was 50 vs. 50 (patterned after 1 against 100). They ask a multiple choice question and you choose the letter (3 choices). At first they lashed the 3 choices and you have to fall in line or just be in your choice letter.

The first question was on the Beatles – which song was not sung by the Beatles (a) Get Back (b) PS. I love you (c) Let it be me. Almost all went to (a). I knew Get back was their song and vaguely remember that they also had the PS I love you. I was the only one that went first to (c) but I kept looking at the question on the big screen, in case I was missing something. Then some others followed me and it was time already.

So they flashed the answer on the screen. It was (c)! Most forgot the “me” in the in the phrase and thought it was Beatles song. They were more familiar with Let it be than Get back. The second choice (b) well most associated it with a song by a well known Filipino singer/actress. So after the first question, there were only 9 left, 5 from 26th and 4 from 25th. It was still pretty even (well almost). Take note also that those who got the right answer for the first question were oldies---hehehe... near the Beatles era.

Since there were now just few participants and to prevent copying of the answer, they told us to use the flashcards they provided. You will choose the answer and raise it when the time is up.

The next question was on religion- from what book in the bible can you find the story of Samson and Delilah (a) 1Kings (b)Judges (c)Philippians. Geez of course I knew it! I was going to raise my card immediately but decided not too since others may copy and we were facing the people from the other floor. The guy beside me (a big boss from another department, whispered to me to confirm my answer so both of us had the same answer, I thought it was okay to tell since we belong to the same floor). So it was time again and they asked to raise our cards. The guys from the other floors answered (a) and (b) only, our floor's answers were 2 (a) and 2 (b) and 1 (c). So if the answer was (a) and (c) there will still be a battle between the 2 floors but if the answer was (b) then it was game over and all the prize money will be shared by the winning floor. Of course I knew we already won so I raised my hand even before they mentioned the winning letter (well sometimes I forget I am a lady and do what i feel and I definitely knew we won!) It was definitely (b) because Samson was one of the judges…

The 26th floor guys were jubilant of course the prize money was big! I was happy and I asked for the microphone because I wanted to say something.

I told everybody that I went to celebrate mass that morning and the reading actually told the story of Samson. I think it was pretty cool that we won that early because they played the remaining questions since suddenly there was time and guess what? They were hard I could not answer them. SO, I think it was definitely heaven’s nice gift for me on my special day and I even got to share it!!!

I know the story of Samson not only because I read the bible but because the story of the annunciation of the birth of Samson is usually the reading on my birthday. That will be the reading while the gospel will be the story of the annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist to Zechariahs and Elizabeth. That’s why I feel very special on my birthday (even if my parents got my name from a neighbor) I feel it cool that my name gets mentioned every time it is my birthday! I feel so special and blessed!

I also find extra joy this time because I have been in a lot of difficulties and trials lately that I feel the Lord is giving me comfort. What can I say? He is a great God after all and I’m truly blessed to be His child! :)


Blogger MamaBoK said...

Happy belated birthday.. Beth.. :)

9:21 AM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

And belated happy birthday to Chloe too!!!

4:05 PM  
Blogger CaNdi said...

Happy Birthday and
Congratulations on your win!!!

12:36 PM  

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