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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Band aid

I was on my way home this afternoon when I decided to pass by another road. I would pass this road from time to time ever since they started the road widening in our area. Our road has been closed to vehicles and it is like an obstacle course for pedestrians with some enterprising people asking money for their effort in putting some steps in the path.

Anyway, a woman was smiling at me while I was walking and I was thinking if I knew her, she approached me and said thanks so I wondered more and she pointed to her daughter with a band aid in her forehead. Now, I remembered them.

I passed that road probably a week ago and I noticed a woman shouting at another woman who was carrying a small child. She was actually scolding her because the woman’s daughter fell from the stairs and she said that she was not taking care of the child properly. I noted that the child had a cut in her forehead and the woman was pressing a small towel in it to stop the blood. I told her to go to the doctor immediately and she said she did not know where. I told her that there is a doctor in our neighborhood and she should go there… that she should just follow me since it was my route. The other woman told her to come with me. So she followed me and other kids who were watching tagged along. When we got to the doctor’s home, the help said that he attended a party. I saw the concerned look on the woman’s face and I could see that the child was groggy. I was all the more concerned. I told her to go to the hospital which was just on the other side of the main road (highway) and she told me she had no money. I knew that she really had no money so I got some from my bag and gave to her and told the kids (boys) that tagged along to help them get to the hospital since it is difficult crossing our highway. I then walked home and I heard some of the kids shouting “Ate pahingi ng pamasahe” (Sister, give us money for fare) I told them there was no need since they just had to cross the road and they said that they were going somewhere else. They were not going with the woman but going somewhere else! I then reprimanded them and told them that the woman’s case was an emergency while theirs was just a fancy… so I told them go walk.

Then while heading home I was wondering if the woman would really go to the hospital, wondered if she’ll just fix the child but not go to the hospital, wondering if maybe I should have gone with them, wondered if the child will be okay. I just wondered and wondered… doubts… doubts… so there was another time I passed that road after that incident hoping to get some news but did not get any.

So today when the mother thanked me and I saw the child with band aid but actively playing, I was relieved! And when the mother told me that she had the child x-rayed but luckily there was no fracture and that they just stitched her, I was more glad…

ahhh that certainly put a band-aid in my doubting mind :)


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