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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Almost Christmas!

It has been a long day!
I have been out almost the whole day with the intervals at home just catching on rest... I sometimes wonder why all the activities???

I could feel my eyes telling me to sleep...
but not before lighting the fourth candle of advent!
Here's the last candle!

They look great all lighted, right?
They also remind us that Christmas is really near!

My nieces and nephews are excited too. They say isang tulog na lang (one more sleep) and it is Christmas eve. They could already open their presents! :)

Ahh kids! indeed they will be getting their presents and we'll be sharing ours too! They are just simple things to be shared but they are not really the best gifts. I found some of the best gifts one can give for the season...


To a Friend Loyalty
To an Enemy Forgiveness
To your Boss Service
To your Child A good example
To your Father Honor
To your Mother Gratitude and Devotion
To your Spouse Love and Faithfulness
To Yourself Respect
To All Men Charity
To God Your Life!!
-- Author Unknown

So it is really almost Christmas! Isang tulog na lang!!!
I wonder what I'll be getting??? :))


Blogger MamaBoK said...

Merry Christmas.. and a Happy Hols..Beth.. :)

9:09 AM  

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