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Saturday, November 10, 2007


Our service team meeting after our C.L.P. ended late. It was already dark when we left the church. The church was in a posh subdivision but we had to pass by a stretch of grassy area to get to the main road. The air was cool and there were lots of stars shining in the sky that we decided to walk… the whole bunch of us. Most were taking their time walking… well I wasn’t really in a hurry but guess some of us just walked faster than the rest so that we were ahead most of them by a far distance. I was walking with two other women and we were talking while walking… then we were nearing the grassy area. We can see the tall grasses along the road, what was beyond we cannot see for the grasses were really tall and the land was sloping upward. Though there were light posts, the area was still dark. One girl who was following us told us that she feels scared walking in these areas.

Suddenly I stopped!

On those tall grasses came flickering white bright lights! Lots of them! It was like the stars decided to flicker on the earth below and I made sure that I just wasn’t seeing the reflection of the stars below. I wasn’t! They were real flickering lights! Fireflies! Lots of them! I have not seen fireflies in a long time that seeing them made my heart lighthearted. Their flickering bright lights were beautiful!

It was a while that I stopped to watch and noted that the lights were flickering along a bigger stretch so I moved on slowly after telling the other women how wonderful those lights were. My eyes were no longer on the road but on the grassy area. There was a big smile on my face and I can feel the smile even in my heart. I haven’t felt that kind of joy in my heart for a while that I felt really good!

Funny how something simple could make you lighthearted… but sometimes that’s just the way it is and you can only be thankful for that moment. It will be a long while before I’ll probably pass that way again on a dark night but I sure am glad I did. :)


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