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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Highlighting a heavy heart

Yesterday I felt light hearted, tonight I have a heavy heart and it is all because of a highlighter I wanted to purchase.

After going to church this afternoon, I decided to pass by the mall to buy a highlighter since my old highlighter was already out of ink. I was having difficulty reading the tons of school materials in my computer that I printed them and I wanted to highlight important items.

The church was just a short distance to the mall and I noted that there were so many people going inside the mall. The security people have to frisk every one entering that there was a long line in all their entrances. I was having second thoughts going there but still I pushed through. I wanted a highlighter! The bookstore was also crowded but the area I was going to get the highlighter was just near the cashier so I joined the crowd. Suddenly I felt my bag light! I thought my wallet and checked it and it was gone. It was so fast, I turned to check but there were so many people around me. I immediately went to the nearby guard to report the theft but he was at a lost on what to do, he had no radio to signal the guard on the other side. I created a small commotion and a woman approached me and said that her daughter saw the woman who snatched my wallet from my bag. She described the woman as small wearing white T-shirt and she was with a child in blue-green shirt. I knew I’m not going to get my money but I was hoping to get my wallet back since my ATMs, credit cards and IDs are there. The security guard of the bookstore reported the incident to the roving guard who passed by the bookstore. There were police officers in the main entrance of the mall and when I reported to them, they were also at a loss. I think they considered my reporting more like an interruption to their rest since they were just seated their in their desk reading newspaper (you wonder why they have to be there) They also know that there is no way I am going to recover my wallet and just advised me to report also to the mall’s security… they even told me to go to the police precinct…I said what? There is no police precinct near my area, beside didn’t I already report to them? The mall security were more concerned though they too know that there was no way I was going to get my money back but that sometimes their janitors get wallets thrown by thieves so I might just recover the IDs. They also said that they also had previous reports of female snatcher with child accomplice.

So the loss and my contact information are logged in the police blotter (am not even sure if it is a blotter or just a log book) and the mall security. I have also reported the loss to the banks. Luckily, I checked my credit cards at home and I realized that I did not bring any and left them in my card case (and that somehow lessened my heavy heart) but I will have to get replacement IDs and ATMs. Arghh!!! That’s going to take time and effort.

Ahhh… sometime some things happen so fast that you are caught of guard you don’t know whether to get mad or to blame your self for being careless. I don’t really feel like blaming myself and I’m also not in the mood to feel “goody-goody” and rationalize that the culprit was probably in need and need my money more… Okay, I’m not going to curse her either but the law of compensation is at work and I know that the money will not do her any good. Eventually she will have to pay for her crime in some way. And my loss and inconvenience? it is just temporary and I know I’m going to get more eventually… Hehehe… suddenly feels like I’m pep talking myself. Suddenly, my heart is not heavy anymore but I sure am hungry, hope they already have dinner ready!

Tomorrow is another day… a better day hopefully!


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