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Friday, November 16, 2007

Hanging heart

This is Jeff Koons' Hanging heart. I found it yesterday and i was struck by its beauty!

Actually I was struck first by the amount it was sold at an auction…US$23.6 million! That’s soooooooo expensive!!!

So many people (okay organizations too) have so much money that it seems that they just throw them away at anything even senseless things to other people so that one should not really be shocked by the amount… still one can’t help thinking how such money could have been used for more noteworthy purpose… like maybe giving some of them to poor little me?

Hehehe… the thought did cross my mind but I’m not really condemning or anything… just the thought of “wow, that’s pretty expensive!”

Anyway, I was really fascinated by the sculpture. It is indeed very beautiful and I wanted to see more settings but so far the one in the picture seems to be the best for the background and the reflections added to the beauty.

Then I started thinking, will I feel the same awe if I see it for real?

It is huge at almost 9 feet. I wonder how it feels to be looking at it up close and I have this picture in my mind to be looking at it just by myself so I see my reflection and no other images to clutter it (I wish I could say that I wouldn’t even see my reflection but that would be impossible if I want to come real near) and I would really marvel at its beauty… Just be there for a long time watching it being in awe!

Suddenly, another thought came to my mind. Yes, it is beautiful but its beauty is only to be seen, I think what would be more beautiful is to see with your spirit the real heart of a loving person. It will definitely not be smooth and perfect like Koon's sculpture but the love it brings would not only touch your eyes and other senses but fill your whole being!

Yup, that indeed will be better but for now I am at awe at the hanging heart's beauty! :)


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