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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Golden Angel

A long time ago, I requested something from the online community – it was not something just online like an email or anything but something tangible. Most of those who responded where my friends – both online and from here but I was surprised and delighted to get an answer from a total stranger. Just someone who read my plea and gave her support. I did not ask for anything really big, it was something simple but how many people really would go out of their way to offer a hand to a total stranger, maybe even a "nutty" stranger like myself? :)

Well, Jane is one of those. She’s an angel.

Over the years we would send emails from time to time, mostly just forwarded inspiration messages. Funny but sometimes these inspirational messages comes just when I need them.

Anyway, I know that today is her birthday… her GOLDEN year! (okay she doesn’t feel it and many people tell her she doesn’t look it either… I guess it is because she’s one young soul totally blessed by God)

I couldn’t really offer her much but just a warm wish for happiness!

I thought I’ send a princess
to blow her more love...
more joy...
more peace...
more happiness...
and lotsa more of GOD's blessings!

Happy golden birthday to an angel!


Anonymous mama bok said...

Awww..! you are so sweet..!

7:28 AM  

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