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Friday, November 02, 2007

Flirty bubbly Maru

Maru, my favorite niece is staying with us again. She recently changed work and is now on training in another BPO that is nearer our place. She came home from the office a bit late today (her off was 6:00 am and she should have been home 6:30 but came around 8:00 already). I was in our teanie weanie garden getting off weeds when she came and I asked her if she had “highlights” to share and as usual she had tons of it! She even had pictures to show in her mobile phone of new people she met including a “hot” guy!

Her story was continuous! She started sharing with me then went on sharing some more with others over breakfast as usual most were laughing. I guess mama is a bit lost on some of her stories and would be shocked from time to time but I think that deep inside she too was laughing. One can’t help laughing when Maru is in a mood for story and there being a cute and “hot” guy that made a pass at her so early in the morning made her more bubbly and even more eager to share the events of the day!

She has made a name in her training group as a flirt. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is in no way an insult to her since people around her are actually happy being with her and would usually tell it to her laughing or smiling… and truth is she is one BIG flirty Filipina and she enjoys it! I guess she thinks like she can say “funny” sometimes even double-meaning and obscene things because people would just take it as a joke… she’d be too shy and not really say anything flirty if she is around a guy she’s really crazy about who would take her word seriously. Anyway, we laughed, raised our eyebrows and laughed some more over her stories during breakfast and now she is catching sleep replenishing her energy for another adventure tomorrow…

She’s sleeping right now and I’m here thinking about her and my relationship with her. She’s my very first niece and she was really cute and witty (ah yes very witty) when she was a little child. She’s so big now but still feels very sexy…hehehe… and she is real sexy since she has this big sexy mind! Hahaha!!! She could be so impulsive too and could be totally in love that she wouldn’t care about the effect of her acts on others and just savor the joy of the moment… I remember throwing her out of the house at one time (well actually I just gave my mom an ultimatum either she goes or I go… I think you’d be so mad too and kick her out when you find out you have to pay P20,000.00 just for her phone bills) but still I can’t stay mad at her for a long time. She seems to have that special place in my heart. Sometimes I feel sad though because I know how good she is yet sometimes doesn’t seem to care about her life but still I know that her concept of happiness and mine are not really the same. I can’t really live her life for her and my joy is not necessarily her joy. But when we have these kinds of moments when I see her very happy, it also gives me great joy!

Ahh… my flirty bubbly niece… the laughter you share… I wish it always fills your total being too!


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