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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bad weather imagination!

It has been raining the whole day today! I wish it was just cloudy but not rainy... but NO… it rained and I got wet! That despite having an umbrella…

Guess I should have a bigger umbrella but I prefer my 3-fold really small black umbrella which I carry in my bag rain or shine, it is ultra light anyway.

One of my officemates noted my umbrella on our elevator ride down our building during lunch break. He was impressed by its smallness and the others in the elevator agreed. Indeed it was small but I said that I wish there was an umbrella the size of a pen which you can just put in your pocket and one of the girls commented that it was impossible. I countered that who knows they might just invent an ultralight but strong metal and they could easily make a pen-like umbella...then I further added that maybe it would be better if instead of umbrella there is just a portable force field which you can switch on and you’re shielded from the rain (your whole body including your feet!)…

Ahhh you wish there was, especially on bad weathers like today! :)


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