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Friday, November 02, 2007

Back to school

Finally, after getting my enrollment keys (courses passwords) and several days of checking our school online site, there’s an entry from one of my faculty-in-charge (a.k.a. professor). That means the beginning of another online school year… ahhh hard work again!

The FIC presented the course outline, his credentials and his policies and his last note was that he is STRICT!

Suddenly made me remember those words being said by our Business Law professor in the university. On his first day, he too talked about his policies. He knew our class was an honors’ class but told us not to expect high grades from him because he has never done so in his teaching career. He added that we should not expect any acknowledgement from him if we ever see him and greet him outside our classroom. He ended his discourse with “…and class, I am very strict!” to which one of my classmates whispered (loudly) to her seatmate “Ano daw?” (What’s that again?) and hearing her he shouted “I AM VERY STRICT!!!”

Those words really shook my whole body! I could hear my heart beating and could not control my legs from shaking for a long time even if I tried to hold it down! Boy, was I really scared! One classmate, fearing to get a low grade, immediately decided to transfer class.

Our professor started out as one mean professor who was beyond being strict! He was unreasonable and demanding too! But what can I say, our class was unique. The students were diligent, intelligent (hehehe am I boasting???), wacky and charming that he eventually melted to us like chocolate. He mentioned that he wouldn’t acknowledge us if we ever see him outside class. Baloney! Eventually you could see his sweet smile whenever he saw any of us outside class. What more? Most of us got good grades!

So, my new professor? He is strict but I’m sure that he’ll be a good teacher and facilitator too. His style seems different from my previous professors but I’m sure that it will be another interesting class. Looking forward to it! :)


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