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Monday, October 29, 2007


I found this picture while housekeeping my computer, trying to delete unnecessary files. I like this picture, probably taken 35 years ago in Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City. Those were really happy days and I was so sweet and kind and happy. And this prayer I added to my photo in my album was so easy for me to do then.

But sometimes I look at my old photo album and see it and utter the words "help me Lord!" after reading it. I felt the same when I saw this photo...


Sometimes it is difficult to share your peace... sometimes you are not even at peace!!! So much chaos around you! You really try not to focus on them but you see them everyday and somehow it gets to you! Sometimes even little things build up! Just like driving in our road. We were on our way out today and we really had difficulty getting to the main highway. The highway is being widened and the road we are using have been temporarily closed so that we have to pass by the "real" road. It is supposed to be a 16-meters wide road but the "informal dwellers" there have taken over most of the space and have left only a very small portion a vehicle could pass. It is already difficult for one car to pass and when there's another car approaching, one has to drive back in reverse to allow the other to pass. The people there don't care about the vehicles! Some even put tables with items for sale beyond their spaces. Children wouldn't even move if you honk your horn. All of us in the car were all sighing wishing the same thing. We wish the government would clear the houses there and return the road!

Ahhh... wishful thinking! I don't know when it will ever happen. The dwellers there have more power than the legitimate homeowners :(

It is hard to pity them at this point because most of their structures are concrete and some even have cars parked in front (despite the already crowded street). So once again I pray, "help me Lord, be kind and loving to other people I will meet."

Yes Lord. Help me!


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