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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Me and a Date

Okay, that’s one messy me in the picture but where’s the date???

The tree at the back is actually a DATE tree.

Ever seen one before? Ever tasted its fruit? It is so sweet!

The tree in my aunt’s garden came from a seedling my father brought from Oman. There are two of them in my aunt’s backyard. They are huge but unfortunately they never bore fruit (don’t know if they will ever bear fruit someday). My aunt decided to put some of her orchids in the tree and the colors made them beautiful. This photo shot is not really nice (including me also… just woke up and was ready to walk to the beach but decided to have a picture taken first) as it wasn't able to show the whole tree but when you are in her garden looking over that tree and all the other plants there you actually feel a sense of awe at the beauty. It is not landscape perfect, it is a bit rugged but the plants and the butterflies and the chickens that comes around certainly creates a unique beauty to the place.

When my sister saw the date, she started teasing me. My siblings actually tease me every time they see a date or we talk about a date (okay not a person but the fruit) as they recount the first time I have ever laid my eyes on a date on one of papa’s trip back home from Oman. Papa joyfully told me about how sweet a date is and said he brought some and showed me a packet. I have never seen a date before and I immediately grabbed the packet, opened it and popped one inside my mouth. It was hard and definitely not sweet so I spitted it out and my father laughed! It was not really fruits on those packet but seeds which he brought for planting (hmmm, maybe that’s the seed that grew in my aunt’s place since all the other seeds did not grow?) I was too fast in grabbing the seed that he did not have time to tell that they were seeds!!! Anyway, he also brought frozen dates and preserved dates and truly they are sweet. It is not really a common food in our table but we do enjoy them every time we have them. And even if there’s no fruit in my aunt’s DATE trees, I do enjoy looking at them. I guess looking at my aunt’s dates also gives joy because they bring sweet memories of papa. :)


Blogger Howard said...

That's a beautiful picture. Not only of you, but the land too.

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