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Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm glad I came...

I attended the first birthday party of my inaanak (godson). My kumare (my godson’s mom) rented a garden restaurant but brought their own food which they prepared till the early mornings. They decided to have the party in that restaurant since it was hard to go to their place and the restaurant was easy to find. The invite says 11:30 am but I was able to come at around 12:30 noon since we still had to fetch my niece who had a make-up class that day. We came to the school early but my brother still had to look for her since she was not at the gate. I was going to be late! However, my kumare just arrived at the venue when I got there and they were setting up the place. Good I made it! There were only a few people there when I arrived and I was thinking “Ahh Filipinos, late as usual.” Hmmm… but wasn’t I late too?

Anyway, the clock ticked and there were no additional visitors that came so my kumare said we could start already with the buffet after the prayer. The weather was good, the food was good and the place was nice too. There was a fountain in the middle of the garden and there were small nipa huts around with table where you could stay to eat. I liked the place and enjoyed my food and also enjoyed looking at the pictures of my godson.

The clock ticked some more and only a few people came. It was a children’s party but there were only 6 children that came (which already included my niece). My godson, cute as he is especially in his attire was not feeling well too. The place was only rented up to 3:00 pm and it was nearing that time. There were no more games played and my friend just asked me to distribute the loot bags to the children. After serving the cake, she also distributed some prizes that were supposed to be given during the game. Then, she gave me 4 other loot bags for my other nieces and nephews at home.

Finally it was time and there were so much food left. She started packing them in plastics for our “take home”. I said it was not necessary but she said they would not be able to finish them all anyway so she just kept putting foods in the plastic bags and I could see her sad face as she tells me that she was expecting a lot but they did not come. She was trying to make it light by saying that at least she was able to put up a party but still her sadness shows…

I felt sad for her. I knew how hard she prepared for that special event but many of those invited did not even value its importance. Maybe they had other things to attend to that day but they should have at least told her when she handed out the invites, so she wouldn’t be expecting.

It made me guilty in a way too because truth was I also did not want to come because I have been overloaded with work and studies the past few weeks that I just wanted to rest. But I did tell her I’d come and yes it was a good thing I came.

My godson will most likely not have any recollection of that event and I am sure (well I am hoping) my friend would only tell her of the nice people that joined that special event as she shows the pictures. I am glad I am in those pictures!


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