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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Glorietta explosion

It has been 3 days since the explosion in Glorietta. I saw the news on TV last Friday at around 1:30 pm and immediately thought of my friends who frequently shop in that mall. Good thing they were not there.

The blast came on a Friday afternoon when most people in Makati are still at work. Imagine more casualties if it happened on a weekend. Here's a video I found in Youtube showing the inside of the mall after the blast. It is really a big blast and the damage is so huge, not just to lives but also to property.

Philippine Bomb experts have identified that the blast came from the basement. They have found traces of RDX which indicates the possibility of a bomb but they still are not sure of what really went on. The government already offered reward for the information on the explosion and a terror group claimed responsibility for it but the military is still validating this. In fact they are also not discounting the possibility that the explosion was an accident.

So was it an accident? the work of a terror group? We don't really know at this time. One thing for sure, this is one great tragedy.

May God have mercy on those who have perished and those who were hurt and their families and grant them immediate comfort (I don't know how at this point but still I pray).


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