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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Emilie Loring

My 16 year old niece was with us during our vacation. She is fond of reading books. I think she could just stay in the province… even locked up in a room just reading books and the Reader’s Digest collection of my aunt… hmmm pretty much like me when I go there for vacation, except of course, I also enjoy relaxing in my aunt’s garden and talking with my aunt and uncle.

My aunt has a collection of Emilie Loring books, most of which I have read a number of times already. My sister doesn’t want my niece to be reading love stories and wants her to concentrate on school, worried that she would have a boyfriend if she starts reading love stories. Hmmm, I don’t think she should worry about that. I read her books and I’m still without a boyfriend… Ahhh on second thought, maybe my sister should worry about my niece being an old maid if she gets hooked on Loring! Hahaha…

Anyway, I like Emilie Loring books. I started reading them around college. I was actually a late pocketbook reader. In high school, I would read only text books and short stories. I started with pocketbooks only when I had an accident in the summer before my senior year and was immobile for a while and started reading Nancy Drew and Hardy boys then I got hold of my aunt and her friend’s collection of Mills and Boon and Harlequin romance, then my classmate started lending me her Barbara Cartland books. I became a reader but I never enjoyed them like I enjoyed an Emilie Loring book. The heroine in the other love stories had to cry a lot and face so much turmoil before finally having their happy ending. In some I have cried so much while reading a book that I keep wondering why it is so. Then I got hold of Emilie Loring and Grace Livingston Hill. Hill’s books are tinged with spirituality where love (even a kiss!) is so sacred and I like that also. But Loring’s books were filled with adventure. They were not really complex but light and exciting where even love was an adventure! And I was hooked! My aunt started with a few collection of Loring and Hill but I would buy for her from second hand book dealers in the University area until she had a bigger collection.

I have stopped reading love stories a long long time ago and have not really been fond of the thick bestseller books, though I’ve read some too. I would rather read books on spirituality and other non-fiction books but occasionally I still get a Loring book (from a set my aunt gave me) and just enjoy reading. Even if I’ve read them so many times, I still have a happy feeling after finishing her book. Hmmm… suddenly, I hear adventure calling and wants to check out a Loring, maybe hope that love came laughing by? Ah sometimes it doesn’t but still one can’t deny the fact that it’s a great world! :)


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