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Friday, September 14, 2007

Taong grasa

On my way back to work after noon mass, I saw 2 girls probably aged 4 and 6 following a grease lady (taong grasa). They were taunting her! They were laughing and shouting things at her and she was mumbling things at them too while she continues walking and taking a cigarette (which she probably picked from somewhere) from her mouth. I have seen the woman before. She was either roaming or lying on the streets and I know that she is out of her mind but to see two kids mocking her was hard to take!

She was walking fast and the kids were running after her while continuously taunting her. No, they were not really running for there was rhythm in their steps and they were like jumping and were joyful while they followed her! They have passed a lot of people who just watched them as they passed by and I even heard one man call the woman Madonna. They have traveled a long distance before I was finally able to catch up with them and I asked the kids why they were making fun of her and told them to go back to their mother. They were surprised when I talked to them and stopped and looked at me bewildered! I can see from their faces that they did not see anything wrong with what they were doing, that they were just having fun and I really felt bad. People could be so cruel, even little girls! And sometimes they are not even aware of it! They are just caught up in the fun of the moment and they don’t really realize that they are hurting people. Or maybe they don’t think of her as human, maybe they don’t think that she feels? Well, somehow, I hope she doesn’t!

It is better that she doesn’t feel so she doesn’t get hurt… because some people could be cruel!


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