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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ice Rain

It was hot today and I was out most of the day.

I wondered if i was just having hot flushes for i really felt hot (arghhh!!!) but my sister told me that it was really hot.

I was also in our chapel for our Christian life program busily attending to all the needs when suddenly it rained real hard, you can hear the loud tip tapping of the raindrops in the iron roof of the chapel. Some of the children (sons, daughters, nieces, nephews of the participants and service team) ran towards the grilled opening of the chapel and iIhad to stop listening to the speaker while I assisted in looking after them when somebody shouted "yelo" (ice!) and there were ice that fell with the rain. They weren't falling gently but it was like they were being thrown from above.

I've heard that it rained ice also on other ocassions in our country but it was my first time to see ice fell here... and to touch the ice. Of course there is a logical explanation to the ice falling with the rain in warm countries like ours and I am actually tempted to search for the cause but on second thought, i think I'll just marvel at the occurence. It was awesome and it felt really nice, and when the rain finally stopped after a long time, the temperature dropped too (now, don't ask me the actual temperature before and after the rain, I never really could tell how warm or cold it is... all i can say is that it was hot and when the rain stopped, it finally felt nice!)

Other people were amazed too and they asked if eventually we will have snow too.... hmmm.. snow in the Philippines??? Well sometimes you never know :-)


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