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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Risky business

There was heavy rain last night but I really didn’t see the heavy downpour since it rained while I was attending my prayer support group. When I went out, it was drizzling (just a bit) but the temperature was real nice and the surroundings seemed bright and clean, like all the dirts have been washed out! Everything was wet from the rain yet the fountain in Liwasang Bonifacio was strongly sprouting water to the sky which would gracefully dive back to earth. Unlike other nights I would pass there, nobody was sitting around the fountain and I imagined that probably like me the fountain felt good to be alone and was rejoicing. She was singing loudly interrupted since there was no background music playing on the plaza that night. She was also dancing! Dancing to her own melody! The place was all hers and I let her be…

Time for me to go my way anyway…

So I walked and saw the main road full of people. It was late but there were still a lot of people waiting for their ride home but there were no rides. Guess the heavy downfall flooded several streets.

The empty buses coming our way were headed on different direction, the few taxis that passed through were taken, all the other public transportations were full! It would have been nice to walk but somehow I did not feel like walking anymore. I was just there waiting for a ride settled that it would take a long long while to get one (probably when all the others have taken their own ride). Finally, a bus that was headed for another direction decided to travel along my route, I figured that at least I would be moving towards my direction so I got in too hoping that it would be easier to get a ride on the next stop. The conductor mentioned that it was really heavy traffic on their line (Legarda to Nagtahan) and would take an alternate route along Espana St. (up to Araneta Ave). I was smiling, I was in luck! That’s along my route and it will be easier to take a ride there since no flooding in Quezon City… but just along Lacson St. the driver noted that traffic was not moving anymore and decided that it would probably be better to turn right immediately for Nagtahan. Ahh. Tough luck! But still I was nearer than before. I got off and was trying to figure out how to go about. Traffic was definitely not moving, that means the water is really deep. I walked to the other side of the road hoping that maybe the water is not as deep but I saw lots of people walking towards me, barefoot with their pants pulled up… definitely not a good sign.

I saw the police allowed counterflow and I decided to walk to the island hoping to force myself in a jeepney (thought I’d just slump myself in the aisle since the “SABIT” male passengers would rather stay in the door than squat inside the full jeepney) but none would take me in. The FX were full, no bus in sight. I finally decided to scout for a private vehicle I could hitch a ride. Better risk hitching a ride than walk in the flood! So with a deep breath I looked at the faces of the drivers that pass my way. I was the only one in that island (middle of the street) and I just stood there waiting. Finally I saw an SUV (I don’t know the make, was never particular about vehicles except a Volkswagen… that I could easily recognize without committing a mistake) with a kind faced driver. I flagged him. He didn’t open his car immediately and I wondered whether he would let me in or not. Finally he did and asked where I was headed, I said just to get cross the flood would be okay. I looked at him to see if my assessment was right and he did look decent and dignified. He was heading to on another part of Quezon City and said could take me further. We agreed on where I could safely get off. I know it is very risky to be hitching a ride alone but I figured there are so many people on the road anyway plus traffic was heavy so he really had no where else to go but just the same I just stayed very near the door to ensure immediate exit just in case….hehehe.

He said he didn’t immediately open since he (also) assessed me, one can never be sure! Ahh... Mutual thought. One is never really sure so must be careful!

He asked about the past road situation during heavy downpour since it was his first time to be caught up in the area. He was thinking of getting out of the counterflow and head to the side streets but I said flood might be worst there. Actually I was thinking the main road will be safer for me since there are more people :-)! I told him I believe the current route was better. But he was a better driver since on the next intersection he transferred to the correct lane and just as he did, he pointed at the big trucks that we were facing in the counterflow—that meant that the counterflow route will not longer move since vehicles are now facing each other!

The ride after the flooded area was smooth and fast. And just before I got off, he said he hoped that he was able to help even in a small way. Small? It was big help! Even if I came home very late, I had a good safe ride home! That’s really big help. Sometimes taking risk pays off.


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