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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pinoy Fan

Mama told me tonight of the news that Nora Aunor married a woman in Nevada and indeed I found an item on it in the Inquirer. I thought she just got married now but the marriage was still in 2000 (so that should be old news)! It was just a very short article, guess the superstar lost her shine a long time ago! Hmmm… tell that to my former officemate Felix and am sure he would protest with matching raised eyebrows ;-)

I suddenly remembered how people at home would fight over Nora and Vilma when I was young. They were really big stars then, idolized by a lot of people! I enjoyed them both but I actually liked Vilma better. Got to see a lot of Nora’s movies though since our neighbor, who was in the movies with Nora gave us free movie passes!

Geez! I remember going to a lot of movies (both foreign—that would mean a lot of karate movies and local) when I was young and I only learned the reason why when I was older… hehehe but that’s one story that I don’t think will get written on!

Anyway, I got to see a lot of Vilma movies too courtesy of my aunt who was a Vilmanian. I think I saw the last movie that Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz was together. It seemed to be titled Cadena de Amor (or something, it was ages ago!!!) and it was more of a suspense thriller than a love story.

I didn’t get to follow much on the stars after that (am not sure now if it was because our actor neighbor moved or because the Guy and Pip and Vi and Bot love teams were gone). The next generation “Apat na Sikat” love teams didn’t last long and even the onset of the mega star could not match the contest over Guy and Vi (maybe because there was no contest with the megastar then?) I wasn’t really too keen on the other titled stars since I enjoyed the Tito, Vic and Joey better. I was nuts about Iskul Bukol and from time to time would go to Broadcast City to watch Eat Bulaga during summer break. I even accompanied a classmate who joined their acting contest there and lined up to get autographs. I got Joey’s one time but not Vic since he is so aloof! Ah yes, I also got an autograph from Richie d’ Horsie. Why? I don’t know!!! Guess I’m just nuts even then. But honestly, I admired Joey’s sense of humor and wit. He is one very witty person! He is so fast and spontaneous with his jokes and punch lines.

For a long time, I didn’t get to watch Pinoy movies. Oh, I would see them when they are on TV already but there was a time I really liked Aiko Melendez. She was one pretty girl and talented. I watched her series on TV and would invite people at home or an officemate to watch her movie. I even have a photo with her. People in the office would tease me then. But she could not sustain her career. Maybe because she fell in love??? I don’t really know but i though it was a waste.

I’m not much of a fan now… I haven’t gone to a movie theater in a long time and don’t even get to watch DVDs at home. I seldom watch TV on a weekend and would enjoy cartoon better than other shows. I don’t have much control over our TV – it is either mama or the kids so I end up watching what they are watching but only parts and pieces… even stopped watching The Korean telenovela Jumong after seeing some of the scenes in Youtube. I still get updates though on the stars since that’s one topic the girls in my office enjoy talking about over lunch and merienda (snack). I think I was ahead than Malou (who’s always updated) on the news on Nora though.

Me thinks I’ll be hearing some report on it from her tomorrow! :-)


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