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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Labor day. No work today! Hurray!!!

I have NO other functions to attend too (well… there are but I opted not to go!) so I decided to go to the HMO’s health clinic for some consult in the afternoon. The clinic was in SM-North Edsa and it was full!!! Yup, the clinic and the mall too!

Everywhere you looked in the mall there were people. Restaurants and fast foods were full and there were even waiting line outside for many of them. The amusement centers were full and noisy. The salons I passed through were full, and the spa establishments had people waiting in the front desk. The kiosks selling different things (from foods to goodies) had patrons. Many other establishments also had customers inside. And in some areas particularly the cinema rows, you could no longer see the people but just their heads. It felt like everybody not just the work force decided to go the mall at the same time!

I’m not really a mall person but somehow the atmosphere there today seemed festive. There were all sorts of people.. young… old… abled… disabled…fashionable folks… simple folks… locals… tourists… NUNS (yup saw lots of them.. some eating some shopping)… families (yeah! Pretty neat to see families malling together)… lovers… friends… in group… alone… all sorts! Guess many people wanted to escape the heat and the mall’s temperature is very inviting plus yesterday was payday and today a holiday so many people switched to their “MALL-MODE.” Hmmm.. do they have to? On the other hand it seems that many Filipinos are always in a mall-mode :-)

Anyway, being there, you’d think we are not a poor country and that many Filipinos have money! Goodness, many of our malls here are lots better than malls in some country even those in the USA and looking at the volume of people today makes you really wonder if Metro Manilans (except me???) are rich afterall. Maybe that is why the president (as in many past Labor days) is not promising any wage increase and instead has passed the decision for any wage hike to the tripartite regional wage boards (that's going to take forever!) and maybe that is also why another mall will open just beside SM-North.

Trinoma (short for TRIangle NOrth MAll? or TRIangle NOrth of MAnila? or TRIangle NOrth of MAkati? am still not sure) just across SM-North will open soon. The building is finished and I’ve already seen their signage and some establishments completed when our FX passed by the area. The mall is partly owned by Ayala so that I hope it is as beautiful as the Greenbelt (I haven't been there in a long time but i really like the landscape there!)

The mall will be directly connected to the MRT station so I think it is going to pull a big market away from SM-North and since there are going to be transport terminals there, it means that commuters won’t be walking too far anymore to get to their ride (the present walk to get a ride is really long!)… Ahh it also means that traffic will be heavier in North Avenue. Good thing I rarely pass that area!

Ahh so many malls but I think I'd still settle with 168 mall in Divisoria... oh not to go malling (am not a shopper) but I do enjoy passing there in the morning when the stalls are just opening and there are few people since it is cool place to walk plus I get to eat veggies and pancit in their food court there :-)


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