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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here comes the rain

I just looked at the office window and it’s not too dark yet and it doesn’t seem hot also! My officemate Malou (whose ears are always plugged with earphones connected to her portable radio) told us earlier this afternoon that PAG-ASA finally declared that the rainy season is here! Hurray!!!

There have been rainfalls also the past days which lessened the heat from the past days… weeks.

Gosh, the past weeks have really been hot and humid and you try to avoid the sun as much as possible (but can’t!). Several people I know had stroke triggered by the heat. Some of them very unlikely candidate for stroke that it was soooo unexpected that you fear the heat more!

There were times I would not go out of our building at noon. And when going out of our building at noon to hear mass in the church nearby, I try to take cover on the buildings and walk fast (almost run) on open areas. That takes a lot longer than just walk straight through the street to avoid people. Even you’re your umbrella you feel the sun’s rays piercing through your skin! Sometimes I would take a ride even if it is just walking distance to church in another route. There were times that I can’t get a ride because the jeepneys are also full (guess because like me, people try to avoid the sun too and would rather pay than walk in its heat!). It really feels good to be returning to our cool office after being exposed to the heat outside!

It was harder at home at night and weekends since I had no air conditioning in my room. Even if our home is full of big windows, there were times that it was really hot (as in capital H-O-T. HOT!) And there were moments I would stay in my sibling’s air-conditioned room just to get some relief. Of course I couldn’t sleep in their room and still have to go up in my room. In the past I would not really use the electric fan in my room even if it was warm but the past weeks were HOT! Even with the electric fan on, it was bad! Sometimes I would wake up early in the morning wet from perspiration. So the onset of rainy season is really good news!

Of course, I would still wish that the rain pours heavily only while I am in the office or at home and not when out on the street. A little wind would be okay too and I could picture myself singing and dancing in the rain on some occasion, though it would be more of humming, smiling and being playful. Ahh yes, I could probably do so also without an umbrella. That is if it rained real hard (so that the water has cleared the air of pollution) and I am at home. My nephew has asked to bathe in the rain one time and even mama said she’d like to get wet too. We could probably do it all together one time!

And the best time of the rainy season is in the early morning when you are still in bed and you hear the raindrops on the roof coupled with the chirping of the birds which add some more melody! You just lie there in bed, partly awake, snuggling your pillow and with a happy smile on your face!

Ahh rain, don’t be away from us too long! I sure missed you! Stay with us but just be gentle and kind, okay?


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