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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The circus came to town

When I went down from my room this morning, I saw the family watching a video already. It was early to be watching something but I saw them glued on screen. They were already dressed up ready to be picked up by my sister for a swimming party to celebrate my sis-in-law's birthday and was watching a video, brought by my sis-in-law's bestfriend, while waiting for her to come.

Anyway, I saw something spectacular that I couldn't stop watching myself. It was a different kind of circus so I got the disc case to check what it was. It was Saltimbanco, and it was no ordinary circus presentation, for they put different fantastic performances in a story. The performers were each telling a story in all their movements! They just did not show of their skills but added life and feelings to it!

The kids have already seen it yesterday but they still enjoyed watching it again and again. And these are no ordinary kids. All of them ranging from almost 2 to 8 are "hyper"! It is hard to keep them still all at the same time. But there they were all silent and awed at the performance. One of them would ask from time to time. "Tita Beth kaya mo 'yan?" (Aunt Beth, can you do that?) and I would say "Kahit na gaano katagal ako magpractice di ko magawa 'yan!" (no matter how long I practice, I couldn't do it!) Oh it would have taken years for them to master their craft but it is not just constant practice, i think their talent is also an inate part of them that they just honed further. Goodness, the youngest performer was just a child and he was really good! Guess his mother, whom he performed with, trained him while he was still in her womb!

It would really be great to see them perform live but I think the ticket would be really high. And I thank the wonders of technology wherein their performance being caught on film/video and simple folks get to appreciate them...

Ohhh, I hear the opening music again I guess the kids decided to watch them again for the nth time. Me thinks I'll join them!!!


Anonymous bingskee said...

the wonders of technology. i am not familiar with that dance..

10:15 PM  

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