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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Buhay Pinoy

Right now there are 8 kids at my home – 2 seven-year olds, 2 four-year olds, 1 three year old, 2 two-year olds and 1 six months. Five of them are mainstays in my home courtesy of my siblings and the 3 are temporary dwellers, my nieces’ children. You could imagine the riot and chaos in my home. One moment you could hear laughter, the next moment crying and shouting. Arggh… not just from the children but from the oldies (especially mama) who’s patience have been exhausted!!!

But my home is still blessed. It could be chaotic but it could also be happy. But it is not just in my home that I see a lot of children. Everyday on my way to work I see a lot of kids roaming the streets… not just kids but families! So many homeless people! They don’t have food to eat nor home to sleep on yet you see them growing in numbers. On my way home last night I saw a kid got of the jeepney while it was still moving (most probably begged from the people there) and run in the middle of the busy street then headed to a woman who took her hand (am not sure if she was her mother), another boy was walking carelessly drinking what seems to be left over juice from a fast food, while another man came walking with a sack picking garbage...

A lot of times when I see them, I would hear Heber Bartolome’s BUHAY PINOY (Filipino life) playing on my mind. The song is from long ago and I am not even sure if any people my age could remember it (am sure those from younger generation would definitely not know about it since I never heard it being played on the radio) But it seems so appropriate to what I see everyday, I thought I’d post the lyrics here (including my English translation)

Nang ako ay isilang (when I was born)
At magdilat na ang mga mata (and opened my eyes)
Ako’y agad sinalubong (I was immediately faced)
Ng mga problema (with lots of problems)

Kahit saan araw araw (everywhere, everyday)
Kung ang mundo’y pagmamasdan (if you look at the world)
Punong puno ng mga tao (There’s just so many people)
Lagi na lang may kaguluhan (and there’s always trouble)

Tingnan n’yo sa bangketa (look at the sidewalks)
Pulubi ay naghilera (the beggars lined)
Mga kamay laging nakasahod (their hands outstretched)
Doon sila natutulog (and they sleep there)

Ako’y mayroong kaibigan (I have a friend)
Siya ay hindi nakapag-aral (who wasn’t able to go to school)
At dahil sa kanyang kahirapan (and because of his poverty)
Siya’y napilitang magnakaw (he was forced to steal)

Sa umaga pagkagising (when he wakes up in the morning)
Wala palang makakain (there’s no food to eat)
Asawa ay kanyang aawayin (he’ll quarrel with his wife)
Mga anak sisisihin (then blame the children)

Ay! Kay raming mga tao (Oh! So many people)
Punung puno na ang mundo (the world is so full)
Problema’y dumarami (the problems multiply)
Sana’y isipin mo (I hope you think about it)
Isipin mo (think about it)
Sana’y isipin mo (I hope you think about it)
Isipin mo (think about it)

Na mayron pang pag-asa (that there is still hope)
Isipin mo, Isipin mo!!! (think about it)

Heber is a story teller that somehow that song got etched in my mind. I had a songbook before with its lyrics and chords and I remember singing it while playing the guitar. I forgot the chords a long time ago but the song would still be there in my mind occasionally (sometimes I would even remember just parts of the song only) especially when I see the street children. Sometimes I can't help but wonder why so many responsible couples could not have children while those who have nothing to give (not only for the basic needs but love and affection as well) could have so many.

I don't know what can be done about poverty nor how to manage our population with our resources…

All I can do is think about it (can’t help thinking about it if you see it everyday) and like Heber “think” that there is still hope…

Yeah…Hope that a good solution comes soon…

Ps. the lyrics i posted are not complete. I asked my sis-in-law to look for the music but all she found was this low resolution sample:


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