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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Back to school?

I saw the movie Back to School a long time ago. It is a story of an old rich businessman who went back to school. I could no longer remember the details except that it was one funny movie, kinda loud movie but funny nevertheless.

It made me associate the movie somehow with papa who went back to school to finish college when he was in his forties.

He actually started out with Civil Engineering when he was young but has to stop since he got married then went abroad to work. My father loved books and learning and over the years took a lot of short courses and seminars mostly on self improvements but after taking a short Business Management Program, he really felt the need to go back to the University to get a degree and he did. It was a special undergrad management course designed for working people like him. At the time of their graduation, I remember that they all got lots of cheers from the other graduates and guests. There they were a bunch of old people (I call them old at that time...he was about my age now but I don't really like to call myself old now...hehehe) and people thought that they were already graduate students (either masteral or doctorate degrees) but when they were asked to stand up to be presented as the graduates of Business Administration major in Management, the house went wild! And they liked it too, they were all happy to get their diplomas!

I could understand why he wanted to get a degree but I did not expect that he would love school too much and continue with a masteral then a doctorate. I kept thinking why he has to go back when he already knows too much!

Such view made me decide that I would not go back to school and take up an MBA after graduation. To my mind, an MBA is just the same stuff!

So I have not been to school in a long long time. Oh the quest for knowledge is always there but I get it from many informal sources including the net which is a treasury of knowledge!

But that's about to change because today, I finally enrolled in a university for a masteral (not an MBA though) and I am going to start my classes comes June!!! :-)

But I am not really going back to the school campus.

I would not be commuting to the University everyday to meet my professors and classmates nor would I stop working for school. Instead, I'll be studying in the comfort of my home most of the time and interact with fellow students and professors virtually. But even if it is not really a traditional school, I'm really looking forward to it! Geez, I'm excited to start and look forward to my first semester of institutional learning! And I am excited to take my first examination too, I haven't taken an examination in a long time and wonder how I will do! and most of all I am excited of the course -- Distance Education!

People at work ask me why? What am I going to do with it? I tell them I'll do a hands on teaching course for my auditors -- they are going to be my guinea pig. And why take the course?

Well, because I like it!

I told earlier in my post that I could not understand why papa had to go back school. Such thought persisted for a long time. But when papa died, I would say that I was glad that he went back to school... because he was happy with it!

And, it is good to do things that make you happy!

I learned that from the school of life!!! ;-)


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