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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Meet the Robinsons n Hongkong Disney and Macau

I clicked on the ad in yahoo which featured the new Disney movie Meet the Robinsons. It is going to be in 3-D in some cinemas in the US and actually started showing already but I don't know when it is going to be shown here.

There have been showing of 3-D films in our country in the past but I have never seen one so that I had a really great and fun time watching an animated 3-D film in Hongkong Disneyland of one of the misadventures of Donald Duck. You could hear footsteps going around the theater like it was really coming from the backstage, on the sides... then there was a time when there were water splashing and you actually feel being wet and the flying instruments and foods floating around you that you could almost grasp them! And the characters were not flat, you could see their structures properly like they were in front of you! It was really amazing that I was wondering how those 3-D glasses could make a difference in a film. What was their magic? I did not really check out about 3-D films again until i saw the ads on yahoo and realized that 3-D films are made differently from ordinary films even if they are the same movie (did that make any sense?), it was not just on the glasses! You could wear the glasses in an ordinary film and you'll see the same falt thing. 3-D glasses only work on 3-D movies!

Anyway, this 3-D film also made me remember my trip to Hongkong and Macau last February. I was not able to blog about them due to lots of things but it will be nice to post about them now. We came there for the Chinese New Year and got to see the parade. We could not make it for the fireworks display since it was scheduled the day after the New year already and we had to go back by that time.

This is my third time to be in Hongkong but I am still amazed by the tall buildings that seem to go side by side by the mountains. There are always new buildings everytime I go there. I'm not really a shopper (my friends are though) but I enjoy looking at their interconnected malls that never seem to run out of people. Even if their malls are so many floors up, you'll see people even in top floors. It is something I envy.

Oh, how I wish we could get the volume of tourists they have over there! We have nice malls too and bargains and we have white beaches and eco-destinations that are great yet we could never get their share of tourists! One factor is because of the transportation.

It is not only their malls and buildings that are interconnected but their MRTs and trains as well and they could get you almost anywhere! Geez, they even have airport trains (not just trains within the airport, they have that too but trains from the airport to the city and vice versa!) and you don't have to keep on getting different token or pass cards to get into MRTs and trains, you could just use their octopus pass. You don't even have to swipe the card since you could just place them in your bags and swipe the bag in the reader and it will be able to recognize! (makes me really wish we already have them here, but i'm sure in time we will also be able to have them!) and the octupus pass could even be used to purchase goods in some establishments. Pretty neat I should say considering that it is so easy to add loads to your pass (i don't think e-load though maybe we are still ahead in that aspect?).

It is quite easy to move from Hongkong to other parts of China too since you could just take a train going to Shen-shen or a fast craft ride going to Macau which terminals you could access buildings with MRT stations also.

There's another thing that is good in HongKong, it is a pretty safe place. On one of the nights we were there, my friends were already tired after our trip to Macau. There were few days left and I have never been to the Night market. They have been there and they say it is just like our Divisoria here but I have never experienced it so I thought I'd go there and I did. I went byt myself. I did not really know where it was but i knew the place i had to get off so I went down from our hotel, walk a few steps to the subway and got off on the stop and checked their signboards for the proper exit and viola i was there! Lots of people walking along the streets it was easy to track the place after i went out fromt he entrance. It was pretty late but I was safe. Makes me wish the same thing here , I like walking at night but I really have to be alert and that somehow diminish the joy of walking!

Ahh, there's one more neat thing I discovered in Hongkong. Their Disneyland! It was not really very big but there were really great shows (the Lion King show was fantastic). It was a neat place and it was so easy to get there! In fact we went there only by MRT and the disney train. Geez, the disney train was cool!

I had a good vacation. I certainly did not meet the Robinsons there since they are still from the future but I had a good time! It would probably have been better if I had my own camera, better yet my own photographer... hahaha, maybe if I become a millionaire I'll bring my own photographer in my next trip? That would be way cool!!!


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