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Monday, April 09, 2007


I was going to post some pictures on my earlier entry to my trip to Hongkong and Macau but I was having difficulty putting together my pictures and text and I decided that I was not going to be on my machine beyond 12:00 midnight that day! Kinda like Cinderella having a curfew except i had no glass slipper nor a fairy godmother (and instead just had the desire to fast from my machine for a few days!) But all the tryings (to post and put together pictures in the earlier blog) had to stop before 12:00 so unlike Cinderella I had my eye on the clock (Ok i cheated too since i was actually able to publish my post a bit past midnight too...hehehe but my post was dated before it though!!!) and immediately shutdown and hid my machine after :-)

Anyway, I hope I am able to present some pictures and text properly this time...

Here goes...

Beth, welcomes you to HongKong and Hongkong Disneyland!!!

that was taken at the MRT station were we bought ticket for Disneyland

Hongkong has a very good transport system. Their trains and MRTs are interconnected and you could hope from your hotel to one shopping mall to another shopping mall in a far away location just through the MRTS. Geez, I think you could survive there not seeing much sky but merely train/MRT hopping

Getting to Hongkong Disneyland is also simple. You could easily take the bus or MRT/train and the airport is nearby! And take a look at the neat disney train...
and inside the train! cool seats and nice Disney decors!

Okay, don't mind me.. Disney's garden picture is nice. That's the side of the train that goes around the park and at the back is the station! I am not posting much on the park since you could easily visit the site there. But here's the entrance to the theater I first saw my 3-D film! Hurray!!!

and of course, there has got to be a photo with Mickey!!!

Side trip to Macau!

Macau is the Las Vegas of China. It was once a Portuguez colony so there is a lot of Portuguez touch in the area. I was going to post a shot on their Larga de Senado (Senate Square) so show the Portuguez touch, were you see the streets pretty much similar to those in Portugal. At least that's what my friends say who have been there. I have to trust their words since, I haven't been there. Anyway, I missed posting the picture and if I add it goes to the start of my post and the sequence will be gone.. sorry!)
Anyway, here's a shot on one of the casinos there. Not the inside. You are not allowed to take photos inside. So it has to be just the facade!

This is Wynn, the newest casino there (i think), we went inside and tried our luck on the slot machine. Definitely no luck for me there. I guess the machine easily felt my dislike for easily and easily got my tokens and took a break :-(
Oh we had fun at one of the tables though, not a card table but a numbers table. We had to watch several tables to see how the games are played and decided to settle on one table with no gamblers. We were going to experience how it is to be gamblers.. hehehe...
We decided the Hi and Lo game was very easy and got two tokens. Tokens could be expensive there. There were several number option on the table but the HI and Lo seemed the easiest. The dice combination could either be Hi or Lo (split) so if you bet on the Hi and the number combination is low you lose and vice versa. My friends are pretty smart! We wanted to experience without any risk of losing (okay of winning either) so one would place on the Hi and the other on the Lo and we would be cheering and laughing after each drawing. The dealer easily got our trick since we after one wins, she gives her winning to the loser who place the same dice on the bet. She did not mind though and actually was smiling too. Her table after all won too since some people start coming in and placing their bets and in the end she got most of their tokens while we headed back to the booth to redeem the same token we got. Pretty cool! My friends after all belong to the "Friends of the Most excellent order" (okay, we got that from the horoscope in a newspaper on our airplane ride back home but it is a pretty appropriate description for my friends. I just cannot post their pictures here or they will surely kill me and I don't want to die nor lose thier friendship. Even if they don't know about this blog, i know that they don't want any public appearance on the NET and I have to respect their wishes!)

Okay, enough of the Casino. Macau is also famous for the St Paul ruins where only the facade of the church remains.

Bye-Bye from Hongkong and the cute PIG!

There were so many Pig decors there, this being the Year of the PIG and we going there on a Chinese New Year. I would have like to say Porky Pig's goodbye but that's from Looney Tunes and I don't think Mickey would like it one bit! :-)


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