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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boxing bond

Manny Pacquiao won again and many Filipinos are happy!

Well, in a way I'm happy and I am sure that if my father was still alive that he would be very happy too. He LOVED boxing! Big boxing fights used to be family affair when he was still alive. Nobody does anything or goes anywhere on big boxing fights day as we are all glued on our TV set and oftentimes we are all cheering for the same man. And if the fighter is Filipino, then there's no doubt that we are all cheering for him.

The past fights of Manny, I was always out of home attending to my functions but I was able to watch part of the fight today. We have no cable TV so we were both listening to the radio and watching TV (definitely delayed telecast already) and we already knew the result even before seeing the fight but despite not having the excitement of seeing the fight progressed, we nevertheless were anticipating the round Manny would be knocking down Solis. Their game ended just in time before I had to leave home for another activity.

My love for watching big boxing fights somehow diminished after my father died. I used to be as excited as papa during big fights. Heavyweight fights used to be a favorite but eventually watching fights in the lower divisions became more exciting as there were more and better movements to see and there's more blood! Geez, you would ask why someone would love a bloody sport but there's something in boxing that draws you in.

But I realize now that more than the sport, watching big fights lured me more because of the sense of being together with the family. More than the actual fights, Boxing now reminds me of my father and the time when the whole family would be together just watching. Funny, but we actually bonded while watching the game!

Everytime I see a boxing match I would also remember us watching amateur boxing on TV (I saw some fights of Manny when he was just starting out), I would remember papa's smile when he enjoys the fight (i think they were titled Blow by blow at one time sponsored by Beer company) or when he has to pay one of my nieces or cousin for waking him up if he is taking a siesta and there's a boxing match on TV (any match!)

My fondness for watching the game may have diminished but I would say that BOXING will always be TOPS in most Filipinos heart! I guess it is the fighter in us that makes us love the game! :-)


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