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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nice spam!

I get a lot of spam mails in my office email despite the filter set by the company that it could sometimes be irritating deleting several mails. Today I got lots of spam mails again but this email actually made me smile:

Okay, I did not post the whole mail, just the logo on the invitation to register to win a vacation in Pigeon Forge and the Smoky mountains of Tennessee. I’m not interested in registering but I suddenly recalled my visit to the place more than 4 years ago and thoughts of the place brightened my day.

The inn we stayed in had a brook around it and our room window had a nice view of a hill with log fence around it, a nice cottage on top and several black cows grazing around the place. It was autumn and the autumn colors were very pleasing to the eye! I was always excited to open the window each morning since it had better view of the hill than from the balcony. The room was very pleasant and comfy too. It was small but had its own kitchen (stove, microwave, dishwasher and the fridge makes ice automatically). It also had a dining and receiving area.

On the ground floor of the inn was a laundry area. I did not use it though since we brought sufficient clothes for our trip but I saw another tour mate doing her laundry there. Actually, I wanted to go in and try the machines since I’ve never used a coin operated laundry machine (I’m certainly a dummy on those!) but somehow I felt shy.

I also remembered how excited I was when I learned that continental breakfast was part of the package. I imagined continental breakfast to be something big but laughed when I saw what was on the buffet table. Coffee, orange juice, milk, bagel, bread, butter and jams. Not really my preferred breakfast and would gladly have traded for an Asian breakfast with fried rice!!! Still, I laughed at how dumb and presuming I could be and the nice ambiance of the place somehow made up for the light meal.

There were nice places in the area and lots of shows to see at night. I really enjoyed the place and also had fond memories of some of the people from the trip that somehow the mail made me lighthearted. Ahh… it also reminded me that I have to write a mail to some people from that trip. My aunt gave me the address of some of our tour mates after meeting them again in a recent travel expo, they asked if I could write them since they would love to hear from me again. It would be nice to keep in touch with them again!


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