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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Heaven sent

I saw a poster of Mark Jimenez today. He was in prayer position and with a quote “Hulog ng Langit!” (Heaven sent). The poster is most probably for his bid as Mayor of Manila. “Heaven sent, ” those are pretty strong words that even if I did not see the whole poster to know what else was in it, it somehow it made me reflect on candidates promises, our election and politics.

I’ve lost interest in elections and politics a long time ago but nevertheless I still exercise my right. Mahirap na, baka magamit pa ang pangalan ko ng iba o baka mamaya eh mawala na ako sa registered voters! (Someone might vote in my name or that my name gets deleted from the registered voters!) And somehow, I wouldn’t want that to happen and I guess deep inside I feel that voting is not just a right but an obligation. I don’t know what’s going to happen but at least I know that I did what I’m supposed to do.

However, gone are the days when I was really interested in politics. Most political news seems to me to be just another form of entertainment. No matter how I try these days (okay not just days but years already!) I could no longer put myself to my mind frame some 20 years ago when I was interested in politics believing that my act would make a difference (now I just HOPE that somehow they do). I would join rallies I believed in (even if I went alone), get and distribute materials for candidates I thought were good, even got involved in debates on some occasion. I joined NAMFREL’s operation quick count (they even gave me a certificate, I wonder where it is now???) or kept watch of the tabulation in our precinct even on my own. I was in EDSA (and on side streets joining others in their kapit-bisig) during the bloodless revolution!

But those days seem so far away. I don’t even know if I would look at them with fondness now or just remember them like one old movie. Nothing much has changed!

When EDSA Dos and Tres came, the radio was open so I got to hear what went on but it was like one of those dramas on radio. There was the Oakwood mutiny, I felt it was an exercise in futility and never believed they’ll win, still had they been successful, I don’t really know if I would have made any protest. Who knows? They just might make a difference. We’ve tried all sorts anyway and nothing seems to work! There’s always a few steps forward but more steps backward. I’m not really blaming the government. Somewhere along the line, I’ve stopped blaming for it could be draining and useless. Oh okay, I have not completely stopped, occasionally I still complain but they don’t linger much since I believe that our problem is not on our government but more on the people (and I guess I’m part of it too).

Anyway, going back to the poster. MJ claims he is heaven sent. A lot of our politicians claim they are heaven sent or the answer to our woes one way or the other. You listen to them talk on their campaigns now and watch their ads and you feel like you want to vote for them. Most of them are good talkers (geez! talking seem to be one great asset of Filipinos) and the people “packaging” them are really good! Yet, you’ve seen (or not seen) their performance while they hold office… you read or heard on their affairs and their views (and change of views) and you wonder…

Just whom could you vote for???

Heaven help me…


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