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Thursday, January 25, 2007


When I went home last night, I noted that the skies were clear and there were lots of stars twinkling! I was fascinated that I walked slowly while gazing at them to appreciate them better. Actually I was careful in walking too to prevent a fall since I tripped again last Sunday and still have a big bruise on my left knee!(clumsy me!!!) Don't want to add more bruises.

I was thinking that there might have been lots of other nights when the sky is clear with so many stars looking brightly over the earth but I just didn’t notice them since I don’t usually wear my glasses. So I was glad I wore my glasses last night.

Anyway, a nice feeling set in while walking that I wanted to it share too.

When I got home, I told my nieces and nephews of the stars and they were all excited to see them. They wanted to get out immediately but I told them that I had to take my supper first. They kept on asking when we are going to go out so I finished my supper quickly and brought them all outside to watch the skies. My mother protested at first saying it was already late but she was too absorbed watching her telenovela and didn't have time to argue that she gave in easy.

They were pointing at all the stars and I also pointed to the crescent moon on the other side telling them to watch closely and see it smiling at us! That other side had moving clouds so that the moon was covered from time to time that they preferred to watch the stars. i think they were not content to look at them just standing up and wanted to appreciate them further that one of my niece climb on top of the car and laid there. Immediately the other 3 followed…okay make that 4 since I joined them too. I had my back on one of the car and my legs extending on the other car. They were thrilled and asked a lot of questions.

Why don’t the stars fall?
How far are they?
Are there people in them?
Which is bigger, the moon or the sun?
Are there people in the moon? Are they looking at us?
Do the stars and the sun circle earth?...

I would answer their questions and the two older ones would give their answers too and share other information they got from their teachers. It was neat to see them awed and hear them discussing! This went on for quite a while until suddenly there were lights that were moving… and they were not as far as the other stars we have been gazing on! They were not just white lights but red and a little yellow lights as well… they were flickering!

Ahhh those were not stars but an airplane coming by! The kids shouted airplane and they all waved at it! It was also getting late so I asked the children to go back to the house. It was time to wave bye bye at all the stars. Maybe we’ll go stargazing again another time :-)


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