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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Power dance

I have been to a CFC leaders’ conference today where there were 4 talks and each presentation ended with a dance interpretation by the Powerdance, the Philippines' Premier DAnce company in jazz, modern and showdance.

I have seen some interpretative dance in the past but I have never seen such performance as what I saw this afternoon. It was simply beautiful! I can’t help myself from absorbing the intensity of their presentation! Imagine seeing the passion of Christ gracefully and fluidly portrayed with no props whatsoever except the dancers themselves. Some turn into rocks (where Jesus prayed in Gethsemani), a cross which Jesus carried on His shoulder to a big cross where Jesus died. They even depicted what went on inside Jesus’ body while He slowly died. Of course, the dance came alive more because of the music and the narratives (especially on the autopsy report on the cause of Jesus’ slow death).

Watching them made me wish I could dance… move the way they do! Their movement was so fluid and light that it seems so easy and natural, yet I know that it is soooo difficult! But that’s one of its beauty… you don’t feel the difficulty… all you see is the story being conveyed in those movements… No, you don’t just see them, you actually get to feel them!

I wish I had a video to capture all that went on but I don’t, all I have is the appreciation of that performance.

And now, while writing on it. I suddenly recalled dancing with my 2 nieces (aged 7 and 4) last night. My brother was singing-a-long with the videoke when I suddenly swayed along. He was singing Apo’s Magkayap sa dilim (embracing in the dark), am not really sure if that’s the title but I was swaying and one of them joined me. We were slow dancing when my younger niece wanted to join too and so we did. They were having a nice time dancing with me and trying to interpret some songs… even saw my younger niece closing her eyes while swaying which made me smile. My nieces and nephews are hyper active kids and to see them calmly and soft swaying with the music was a delight. Somehow, the movement had calming and "feel good" effect on all of us.

Yes, i think swaying with a soft music could have a "feel good" effect since it made me recall more feel good events. I took care of my maternal grandmother for almost two years. She was like in a semi-coma state then... with her eyes closed most of the time, not able to carry her body and no talk... just like sleeping. There were times when i would play a soft music and i will lift her from her wheelchair (she was small but she was pretty heavy then) and dance with her. All her weight was with me but i would embrace her and sway with her... and with her eyes still closed, there would actually be a smile on her face! Those were precious moment, for even if she couldn't talk i knew that somehow she could feel my love for her and she feels good! and I certainly felt good!

Writing this made me realize the power of dance. And though I could not dance as the Powerdance dancers could, I could certainly feel the joy from the movement and I think I'll be dancing more with the kids... they seem to enjoy it... not just the fluid movements but funny movements as well and dancing together certainly has the power to make us feel good and the power of bonding us. I think that's pretty cool!


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