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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

It is a NEW year already! 2007! Time sure flies!!!

Yesterday my brother and sister-in-law decided to have a last minute shopping and bought a videoke, a sing-a-long system and we have been singing our hearts out since last night! Oh, there was a short break at midnight though for our family get together wherein we went out of the house and opened our gates and watched the neighbors' fireworks while the kids sounded their torotots (trumpets) and jumped as high as they could to make sure they'll grow tall just like us! Hehehe actually it is a Filipino tradition that we still follow, doesn't work on other people (but definitely worked on us!!!) but most Filipinos do them nevertheless!

We decided not to have fireworks and firecrackers this year and just opted for the torotots for the kids. I never really liked firecrackers but I've enjoyed watching the fountains and others fireworks in the past so that we would be lighting some at midnight. But last year, we saw magnificent fireworks in the sky, courtesy of other neighbors ;-) our fountains were nothing compared to them so we thought we'd just watch again from a distance. It is safer and cheaper for us... hehehe... starting the year right by being cost conscious!!! And we were not disappointed for there were indeed pretty nice fireworks in sky! The kids had a nice time watching them.

So after viewing the fireworks amidst the sound of firecrackers, we had a get together. Oh, we had lots of fruits, 13 kinds. Mama wanted to the year to be lucky and joined in the luck traditions. There were lots of foods too including Fish. My Fil-chinese friends said serving fish and pork was lucky so that we included them too... ahhh we certainly want the new year to be a good one!!! For me though it is not really on the food but more on being together with the family that counts and we had a good together since all the kids were up to join us! They even joined in the singing!!!

So instead of noise, we started our year with beautiful music…. Hehehe. The singing was definitely loud but you can’t call beautiful happy voices, noise… they are definitely music! And our videoke certainly agrees, for it has been giving out pretty high scores! I even got a grade of 100% for my version of Queen’s “We are the champion!” hehehe… still haven’t figured out though how it scores. But then again all Filipinos CAN sing, it is just that some people have bad ears not to appreciate others’ voices.

I think music could ward off all negative elements better than the noise from firecrackers. And it was cool to start the year with the family singing and being together.

We started out the year with music and togetherness and I do believe it is going to be a good new year! I’m really looking forward to a great new year!


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