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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Captivating smile!

“That’s it!” Michael uttered with anger and frustration as he packed his computer. He vowed never to go to dating sites again.

He just came from a date with the girl he has been chatting with for a while. He was so excited to finally meet her. She was nice, slim, single and doesn’t even smoke nor drink. Well that’s what she made him believe! He was shocked to meet a woman who was probably 300 pounds. But he still went on with the date and the moment she sat, she immediately asked for an ashtray and ordered alcohol. Michael doesn’t even smoke nor drink so that was a second frustration. Still he did not know how to get off of that date so they talked and he found out that she was still married but has been separated from her husband for a while already and that she has 2 kids but they are not staying with her. They are with the social welfare since she could not support them. It was so weird since she was a nurse but just doesn’t want to practice.

Ahh, he was already 30 but he was so gullible! He felt so bad… betrayed… he was traumatized!!!

But that was 3 years ago, somehow he wanted to try the dating sites again but he was real careful. He has been starting to talk with some women online but nothing seem to catch his fancy. Yes, there was one he has been constantly talking with but there was nothing more beyond that. He noted Yahoo Personal and tried it, he was looking into profiles of locals and someone caught his fancy and so did his mom. She passed him while he was browsing and noted her photo and said “she’s cute!” He mastered a one liner that says “I like your smile!”

Irene has been in Canada only for a little more than a year, she has just transferred to a new employer after having a bad experience with the previous one. The new employers are good people, unfortunately, she has been feeling sad lately since she has broken off with her boyfriend from her home in the Philippines. Her boss has been introducing her to some of her friends but she wasn’t really keen on dating “whites” and has turned off a lot of invites. That day she had nothing to do and decided to try the personals. She put her profile and a photo and got hundreds of replies. Some lines even said “Hi, hot babe!” Argh!!! Who would want to speak with someone who talks that way??? Michael’s one liner seemed a nice one but somehow she mistook him with another profile she looked into. When she replied to his message she asked him if she was from a certain place.

That really turned off Michael! She was supposed to have read his profile yet she doesn’t even know where he was from??? But there must have been something in that smile that really caught his heart for he kept on looking. Irene sent another note apologizing after she has noted her error…. Hmmm… maybe there was also something in Michael’s smile to deserve a second mail???

Michael was really thinking hard. He has already made a one liner. To answer her email and know her would mean he had to join the dating site and pay Can$30.00. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go on. But his mom came again and told him he was cheap! She told him “Go pay the $30 and send her a message!” And so he did! And they finally talked online.

There was chemistry online yet there were fears on both sides too. Michael still remembers his date 3 years ago while Irene was still not comfortable dating a “white” guy! She didn’t know what to say when he finally asked her for a date but suddenly she uttered that she was going to church on Sunday. He said he’ll meet her there.

That’s the beginning of their love affair! Well thanks partly also to Michael’s mom who is now Irene’s mother-in-law!

Yup! They were married in the church in Canada last September and now they are here for a visit to Irene’s family. That includes me!!!

Irene is my younger cousin and I met her and Michael yesterday. They look so nice together and they are so sweet! And Michael seems a great guy (kind face too!!!) who is enjoying his adventure so far in our country. They just had a short 2-day stop in Manila and are now in the province. This time it will be his mom-in-law who’ll be looking him over and I wonder if his smile can capture Irene’s mom the way Irene’s smile captured his mom’s heart?

I think he’ll make it! And I wish that the smile (and the LOVE for that matter) remain in all their hearts all the days of their lives!


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