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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Airline souvenirs

I found a packet in my cabinet which was a Cathay Pacific Airline give-away during a trip to India a long time ago. Mama placed it in my cabinet after finding it stacked in another cabinet she was cleaning. It contains an eye pad, comfy socks, toothbrush and toothpaste.

I remember giving a lot of them to friends and families as a trip souvenir. The stewardess actually just gave one in each flight but each time I got off the plane, I got some of those left behind by some passengers in their seats and I was able to gather a lot!

Some announcer in the radio one time joked about Filipino travelers’ fondness of getting souvenirs from airlines (yikes, I’m guilty too!) and remembered one of papa’s stories on Mang Boy, his fellow contract worker. Ahh, I could still imagine papa’s nice smile and soft chuckle as he tells the story…

His friend was on his way back to Oman, it was a long flight and the airline served alcohol on such flight. He kept on asking for drinks and the stewardesses all obliged… Nope, papa did not mention him getting drunk but he did say that after that trip, Mang Boy accumulated a LOT of those small wine glasses.

Being the party person that he was, he immediately invited other Filipino friends and neighbors (they lived in a compound) for a get-together party! Unlike in Saudi Arabia, they could drink alcohol in Oman, so he too served alcohol using his collection.

He arranged his wine glass collection in the table and bragged about it. He was proud of his collection and many also told him how impressed they were!

The party went on and everybody had good time. Finally, most people left and there were just some that stayed on to help clear up including papa since they were just neighbors.

Lo and behold! There were no more wine glasses!

It wasn't just the wine that were gone but the glasses as well!

Many of the guests also got their souvenir! :-))

Mang Boy felt bad and even complained that he had to carry all of them and they were heavy and people just got them! Now, he had nothing!

Papa laughed at what happened but come to think of it, Mang Boy was able to give souvenirs to many friends even without buying any! It was just that he wasn’t really planning on giving. Anyway, he had more trips after that and maybe he was able to come up with a bigger airline wine glass collection eventually! :-)


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