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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mrs T's special Chloe

Today is the birthday of Mrs T's CHLOE!
How do I know???
because we share the same special day!!!

She's a blend of the East and the West and she's now 3 years old!
I first came across her when her mom requested for postcards online for her from different countries. I sent a postcard through the post office then. I thought I'd sent another Philippine card to greet her but no longer through mail but through this blog. Am not sure if her mom would come to read this but I'm sure the universe will find a way to send her my greetings and well wishes!

Happy Birthday Chloe!
God bless you and your mom!


Anonymous mama bok said...

Dear Beth,
You are the sweetest person.. on earth..!!!! thank you very much.. my dear..! Chloe has been sick.. and we are short-handed at the store.. therefore i have been really busy. But thank you .. and thank you again.. for remembering chloe's birthday..! you are so thoughtful..!! and a happy belated birthday to you too..! may happiness and good health be with you always.. :)

6:15 AM  

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