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Monday, December 11, 2006

Hard fingertips

We have 3 guitars in the office which are mostly used only for our First Friday mass. Boyet uses the new one while Tess used the other steel-stringed guitar when she was still with us (now no one uses it, I think). The other one with nylon strings, our oldest guitar is rarely used at all but it is actually what I like to use when I go jamming with Boyet after office hours so I borrowed it until I could buy my own guitar.

It has been more than 3 months since I borrowed it and use it in our Prayer Assemblies and Christian Life Program. I’m not really a good guitar player but I volunteered since our Chapter does not have a guitar (nor any other musical instrument for that matter) player for a long while already.

So on Saturdays, sometimes even Sundays, I would bring the Lumanog guitar with its very heavy (extremely heavy!) case. I would commute, sometimes even walk a distance carrying it to our gatherings. Many told me NOT to bring the case anymore but I don’t want to. The guitar is not mine so I’ve got to take extra care of it. I couldn’t possibly just carry it with no supporting cover!

Anyway, though I enjoy playing the guitar when I have a chance. I would play it for my pleasure and more to accompany me when I sing… I don’t sing loud (hmmm… well sometimes I do but not as loud as I have to be when I’m with the assembly!) so I don’t strum loud as well. But when you are playing for a big group you’ve got to play it really loud since you are not just accompanying but leading the group! So now my left fingertips are thick and calloused already from pressing the strings harder!

I have observed that when I am playing and singing in our gatherings that I would really perspire. I don’t know whether I’m just tensed from playing or maybe the strumming could be a great form of exercise too. Anyway, it feels nice that I was able to complete my commitment to play for our CLP. We have finished our CLP so that means no more weekly playing. Well at least for the time being.

Playing for a group could sometimes be tiring (especially if you have to bring the very heavy case to the function) but somehow I felt happy being able to sing and play! Of course, I’d be lots happier if I could sing and play the guitar without hardening my fingers! Hmmm… maybe a hand spa will do the trick?

Yup! I think it will help PLUS the fact that my brother and sis-in-law gave me an early gift. A guitar with a light case! Now, I don't have to buy my own guitar and I don’t have to worry about that heavy case anymore (geez, it really is heavy. Lots heavier than the guitar itself!!!) and I could already return the guitar I’m using back to the office tomorrow. I wouldn’t really say I’ll miss it since I have one extra copy of the song book I’m using and I still plan to sing and play in the office on occasion.


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