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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Caroling

The other day, I came home from work finding my 2 nieces and 2 nephews busy in decorating their alkansya (piggy bank) and improvising musical instruments, they said they wanted to go CAROLING! I asked them if they already have Christmas carols to sing and they all sang "We wish you a merry Christmas.. We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New year" then added "thank you, thank you, ang babait ninyo (you are all good), thank you!" I asked what else and they started singing some but could not finish the song so they smiled (two of them without front teeth at the moment) and said that's all! I told them that they should have more and taught them the "Sa maybahay..." song because that's the most popular caroling song, especially for small kids at the moment.

My brother-in-law wouldn't want them to go out and told them instead to do their caroling rounds at the people at homeā€¦ and they were disheartened.

I suddenly remembered one Christmas when my older brother and I sneaked out of the house and did our round of caroling using our improvised instrument made out of flattened cola bottle caps with holes in the middle and stringed together with laundry wire. We went to different homes singing and there was even one place we went to where there were other kids already done with their singing and the owner already opened their gate and started handing out goodies. All the homes we visited gave us money and it was the first time, we came across someone giving goodies so we joined the other kids. And good enough the owner gave us goodies too and the other kids protested saying we did not sing! But it was Christmas after all and he did not take back what he had given. Of course, we had to go another way from the other kids since they were not really happy with us taking part in the goodies without any effort. There were also other times when I went caroling with other neighbor kids. Streets were very safe.

Times have changed and our neighborhood is different from where we used to be so that my brother-in-law is more careful in allowing the kids to go out of our gate.

So today I brought out all my coins from my own sort-of alkansya (it is actually a ceramic gift I got from a friend a long time ago where I place all my excess coins) and asked one of my niece to help me sort out the coins. Then I also bought candies and asked them to help me put assorted candies in plastics so that we could give them when children goes caroling in our place. Since there is some distance from our home and our tall gate, I asked them to sit with me outside the house near the gate so that it would be easier to hear the small children when they sing.

We gave candies for the small kids and for the bigger kids that came, we also handed out coins.

The nieces and nephews were excited! They all wanted to hand out candies and I could see that some were getting double but there are still some candies left for the next days and my nieces and nephews already know what to do!

Just hope they enjoy the giving more than the prospect of getting goodies and money themselves and decide to sneak out of the house like what my brother and I did! :-)


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