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Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday, government declared NO CLASSES in all school levels for Metro Manila since there was going to be a super typhoon coming. Likewise many establishment prepared for its coming. They put down the tarpaulins of the big billboards, Christmas decors along the streets were temporarily removed, many informal dwellers reinforced their roofs so it will not be taken away by the strong winds. But Reming, the super typhoon changed its course and weakened. It spared Manila. It hit other parts of the country but it did not pass by Manila. Manila was dry and calm the whole day! Just cloudy!

Yesterday, in church, during the 12:15 noon mass, the priest included in the intention that the super typhoon does not bring too much destruction to our country. He was concerned of its impact! Yes, we were all concerned. The last super typhoon caused too much destruction and nobody wants to experience that again. Then we too were dismissed early in work in anticipation of the typhoon. I came home early and it was still calm when I got home.

In the news they mentioned that Reming would not hit Manila anymore so the family felt relieved. We went to sleep early and I could feel some wind coming through my window and somehow wondered if we would experience some of its presence but now I wake up very very early and it is calm!

It used to be that people would really be mad at PAG-ASA if they make a blunder in their weather prediction. The weather bureau used to name the typhoons with women’s names since they said it could be unpredictable, so they have something to blame (???) if their prediction didn’t come true. But they have better gadgets for forecast now and the weather does change course but forecasters can still make mistake. Error or not, I’m glad the typhoon did not pass us. It is so nice too feel the calm!

A lot of times you experience it and you take it for granted. But you anticipate a storm and it does not come or it comes to pass and you experience tranquility and you remember how blessed you are!

It is quiet and it feels good!


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