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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Vain too?

Ohhh my butt hurts! I sat for a long long time to have my hair done in the salon!!!

Geez, I’m vain after all!!! Actually it is my first time to have my hair rebonded plus plus and my hair is really soft and straight and shiny but I shouldn’t put it behind my ears nor put a clip nor tie it for a long time if I want it to remain straight. I realized it could be very difficult for me especially at work but eventually I’ll get used to it (well I certainly hope so, or I’ll be tempted to cut my hair really short!).

Anyway, I was at the salon for a long time that I’ve seen lots of customers come in for different services. Lots of male customers too, mostly teenagers (some even with their moms) and young professionals (at least gauging by their appearances).

What struck me most was one of the male customers. He and his girlfriend (or wife?) were both having services. I couldn’t help myself from glancing since it was my first time to see a man with a towel in his head… like the towel placed in the head of women when shampooed. All of the customers, including male customers are shampooed first before having a hair cut but they towel dry the hair for short time only. His was not for a short time, he was seated in the sofa for quite a while and I kept thinking how he could stand having a towel in his hair for a long time. I was wondering what kind of treatment he was having! Oh, how I liked to ask him! But, of course, I didn’t. But when he left and the Manager sat near me, I couldn’t contain myself anymore and asked him (or should I say her since he was wearing a bra?). He said the guy was having a hair spa plus he had lip spa also. A lip spa??? It was my first time to hear of such service! Just what do they do when someone asks of a lip spa? Do they scrub the lips also like what they do in a foot spa??? Nope, he said they put mud pack on the lips so the dead skin are taken out, then they put balm so it gets real smooth and soft. He added that lots of men actually have that service. I smiled and he added that many men are vain too! Well the guy was certainly one of those “many” since I saw him glancing also over the brochure of services and asking how much the foot spa was (another service!)

Then I smiled again as I remembered a quote from the bible…

Qohelet said in Ecclesiastes 1:2 “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!”

Of course he meant something else but I suddenly thought Vanity, vanity, everyone HAS some form of vanity!


Anonymous bingskee said...

ha ha ha tinalo ng mama ang pagka vain mo! imagine, a lip spa for a male.. grabe..

3:10 PM  

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