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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Earrings galore

Just came upon this site saying that our former first lady, Imelda Marcos will be launching her own jewelry collection. Hmmm.... guess she’ll be into competition though with my boss who has taken up creating dangling earrings as a hobby. Unlike Imelda, however, she has no plans on selling the earrings she makes but delights in giving them to the office staff not just in our department but in other departments too. She says creating her masterpieces relaxes her! I think she has already given earrings to everybody in our office… not just women but men too who say they’ll be giving them to their daughters and their wives.

Girls from other departments would come to our office after seeing one of their co-workers (who has visited our department) wearing dangling earrings. Sometimes everyone in our Department will be wearing her dangling earrings at the same time including me. Well, I’m not really fond of jewelry but I do wear earrings… just a simple small round gold earrings that I never take off since it is too hard to put back! And if she tells me to choose from her collection then I get one pair but I just hook it up without removing my other earrings since both could fit in the hole (as I said it is too hard to put back my earrings so I try not to take it off). I like humoring her sometimes, though I don’t really keep the earring and instead give to others afterwards.

My boss does not only enjoy creating her masterpieces but also gets a kick at getting bargain stones, beads and other materials for her art. I think stones, beads and the like have become a big business as evidenced by the store just below our building… from one stall it now occupies 6 stalls and their stocks are increasing!!! Imagine that? Well, I don’t really wonder since people just don’t use them for jewelries but also a lot of other things like clothes, bags, shoes and even rubber slippers!

Yup! Even, rubber slippers and I would see a lot of sidewalk vendors in Divisoria sewing beads, sequence and the like in the rubber slippers they sell. Now, I could settle for wearing some dangling earrings (on occasion only) but now way this Filipina will be attracted to wearing rubber slippers with beads nor sequence or other accessories. I like them plain and functional only!


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