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Monday, October 23, 2006


On my way home tonight, I was seated across a young couple. We were seated at the back seat of an FX were seats are facing each other. Anyway, the young couple have gone beyond the sweetness that you expect from teenagers since they were kissing on occasion and hugging and touching lots. Of course I try to look somewhere else but from to time I get to see them. I was thinking at least they have not gone beyond the other couple I’ve seen before that had no qualms on Publicly Displaying their Affection. I smiled at one point while thinking of my earlier ride. It was an afternoon ride and I was seated likewise at the back of the FX. The couple were college students and the girl was even in uniform. Anyway at the start they were just sort of whispering and smelling and being close to each other but I guess their nearness was getting to them. Somewhere near the elliptical road in Quezon City, I guess they could not longer control their emotion that they sort of dived and kissed passionately. I was shocked that I laughed out loud and the woman beside me also did the same! It might have brought them back to their senses that they fixed themselves and eventually decided to go down on the next stop. When they got down, the woman started talking on the morals of young kids and I would just agree with her and during that talk we would still laugh at the couple…

You don’t really know how to react when you come across people that are too showy and Publicly Display their Affection, but I guess it is lots better to see that than to someone Publicly Displaying his Anger.

I also saw a couple quarreling on the street before I got my FX ride. The woman was walking fast crying and when the man caught up with her, he was stopping her from walking, holding her tight and talking to her. He was not shouting but you could sense he was very angry. Of course, I continued my walk and did not stop to see what happened. Only wished they had patched their differences and don’t have to fight on the street longer. Such incident also made me remember another fight I saw on the street. Actually it started on the bus. The middle-aged couple were seated in front of me and they were already discussing when I sat. The discussion started to heat up and it became louder, the woman started to cry and the man was telling her stop and she started to hit him and he got mad and started to hit her hard. Boy was I shocked and don’t know what to do. The woman, I think stopped the bus and she went down. The bus was still in the middle of the road when she got down (it was near Guadalupe) and she went in front of the bus (don’t know if she wanted the bus to hit her!) and the man followed and he did not stop on hitting her. Most of the passengers stood up to see what was going on and nobody really did anything to stop them. I don’t know how long we stayed there watching but the bus finally moved. The incident actually drained me! I know there are lots of people that fight, lots of abusive people but the abuse are mostly confined in the home. Seeing them made me wonder why people get together only to hurt each other.

They were definitely both really hurt from all those fightings but physical pain eventually go away but the pain of the hurtful words and the thought of the public scandal and the lost of respect… those are hard to let go. And I wonder how their life came through after that fight.


Anonymous guile said...

yeah, words are much more painful..

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