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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mid-autumn Mooncake Festival

Philippines has only two seasons – the dry and the rainy season but with the weather we have been having lately you can no longer distinguish the season. Rain seems to come when it wants to. Yesterday it poured out just when I got down from my ride and since there is some distance to my home, I really got WET! Soaking wet! But good thing it did not rain tonight since I brought home a lot of goodies! Goodies I won from our Mid-autumn festival mooncake game in the office.

Even if there’s no autumn in the Philippines, our company celebrates the Mid-autumn festival each year. The Chinese Lunar calendar is followed so that the date changes. Last year we had the Mooncake game in September and it is something that we look forward to even if we are not Chinese. Well I’m not Chinese but lots of the big bosses in my office are Fil-Chinese so on mid-autumn, when the moon is on its brightest, our company plays the mooncake game.

It is a dice game and the company gives each department mooncake sets (with inclusive dice and the rule of the game). We also solicit money from our officers and get from our department fund so we have other prizes for the game. Other departments have really big prizes – appliances like DVD players, microwaves, electric fans, ovens and even cellphones and lots of goodies too. Our department on the other hand always prefers grocery items so there’s going to be plenty and everybody would be happy! Well I’m certainly happy and so is my mom and the kids since when I got home it seemed like I went to the grocery store and I didn’t even have to pay for it!!!

Actually it is not just bringing home a lot of winnings but the actual game itself that is fun since we place all prizes in the table (so we could feast on them and eye the prizes we like) and we have this ceramic bowl with the 6 dice that is passed around to each player and there would be cheering and teasing each time a player toss the dice.

One of the girls has a sari-sari (variety) store and they would tease that she’ll have another item for her store and she in turn would answer back by saying the retail price of each good. The new hires are also very excited being the first time and they usually have beginners luck and so brings home lots of stuff. We have a lot of new players this year and they came from different provinces too so that there were also cheering per regions and if someone would not be getting any winning then would try to do some ritual to ward off the bad energy and hopefully win something in the next round.

Today, we really had lots of prizes and plastic bags were not enough to carry the winnings, we had to use cartons and I'm happy to say that mine was heavy!!!

We really had fun today! Hope mid- autumn in our company comes soon again!!!


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