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Friday, October 13, 2006

Eyes See!

My eyes have been bothering me so finally had them checked. The eye doctor actually scolded me for not wearing my glasses. I am myopic (near sighted) and don’t need glasses for reading nor working since most of the stuff I need for work are within my range. I get bothered putting my glasses to see things from afar then removing them once I have to resume working since my eyes have to adjust before I could see near objects clearly again plus things (and people too) seems smaller when I wear my glasses… now I don’t like it since it makes me feel MORE taller J! So I would only wear my glasses when I know that I HAVE to see things clearly from a distance for a long time! Actually I wasn’t really looking for a new prescription glasses, I just wanted to know if there was something else that’s wrong with my eyes since I had a bad fall early this year and the right side of my face (forehead and eye) was hit hard and it is my right eye that’s bothering me. And even if I got scolded, I felt better since there’s nothing else that’s wrong except I’m getting older and near objects are not as clear as before plus my eyes’ grades are uneven so my working eye (that’s the right eye which is the better eye) gets burdened for working double time!

Vision is one sense that is important for me. I easily get bothered when something obstructs my view and I don’t get to see things. Even if I don’t see things clearly from afar, I like looking at things and I don’t know how I would survive without vision! Of course even with blindness, one would always survive even excel if one wants to just like Helen Keller and our own Roselle Ambubuyog. Still I wouldn’t want to be blind!

I remember Kenneth, from a Fall Foliage trip I joined when I was in the US. He was BLIND yet he joined the tour. Isn’t it curious for a blind man to be joining a tour? Actually he wasn’t blind all his life and have already seen the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee before. The tour was his gift to his wife for their wedding anniversary since he wanted her to see the beautiful sights he has seen before!

They were in another bus but our tour guide would frequently talk about them. I finally was able to talk with them on our stop in Gatlinburg, Tennessee which was a colorful and picturesque village. I asked how they found the trip so far and Kenneth mentioned that they were really enjoying it. He also commented that Gatlinburg has not changed much but that there were more people and more activities going on now. I smiled as I realized how he was seeing things from his wife’s eyes! She was most likely describing the place with love in her heart and that made the view even better! I got a chance to see them again in another stop where we had our lunch. Forgot the name of place already but after lunch, he and his wife Mary (though she told me her second name was also Beth like myself) entertained us with a song. Mary played the piano while Kenneth sang. He had a good voice and he sang his own composition which was about his life being blind. What struck me was the part that says that when he finally sees again the first face he’ll see will be that of Jesus. I cried listening to his song.

I'm lucky I have my eyes to see things around me. Geez... I would never want to be physically blind but more so I would never want the eyes of my heart to be blind and NOT see the work of God in everything!


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